Way Out Weather


Had a bit of a cool change down here recently, dropped to about 7 degrees the other morning, top of 19, and Blowy !! Not what I signed up for :flushed:


how about all you fuckers in the warm weather stfu


We played 2 games yesterday in a cold persistent rain. We were all miserable. Fell better?


fell great.

thanks. feller


With heat index we’re going to be in triple digits by end of the week. :fire::fire::fire:






Yeah it’s nasty here too.


102 here. Nobody is complaining though.


Yeah, it’s been quite warm today 26 degrees, but forecast low of 8 tomorrow ! ???




68 here. Kinda perfect.



going on a 2 float overnighter tomorrow :slight_smile: can’t fucking wait to get on the water.

will be fun for sure. making smash burgers and another family is going w/ us so we’ll share breakfast duties.

putting that big cooler to good use…lots of beer to drink :slight_smile:


We had two nice low humidity days and then raging heat today complete with severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings and threats of hail the size of tennis balls.

Going to be a fun night. At least I’m home from work now and have nowhere to be. :blush:


Be safe - people in the Carolinas.


I’ve got a buddy that lives down in Charleston and he is a retired Coast Guard Captain. He now works as a tour guide on Charleston boat tours. He’s moving his boat(s) out of the area as we speak. I messaged him to tell him to stay safe as I’m sure he’ll be sticking around to help people as this thing unfolds.


My mom has some friends who live in North Myrtle Beach and Calabash, NC. She said they’re staying put. They have storm shutters and generators. Hope they’ll be ok.

So far Maryland looks like it may be spared. I hope so.


They are also expecting over 20" of rain in a good portion of North Carolina.


Yeah I would evacuate if I lived at the beach in NC or SC. And I’d take my pets!!!


I’m in SW Virginia. @highlife
should we be freaking out?

I’m mildly anxious. Have canned food, flashlights, sandbags to keep water out of garage.

I live near a creek, but across the street. The creek-side houses get rocked usually.