Way Out Weather


Don’t think we have big worries, but I would add this: trim large tree branches in your yard that could fall on house, power lines, cables, etc. I got a chain saw on a stick type of thing that I use every year because of falling limbs due to snow, so that keeps me safer in these circumstances.

Since that kind of wind doesn’t come around much, you have to look at it as free tree trimming. I had a whole fir tree of some kind take a dive some years back. Was probably 50-75 tall. Luckily fell in an innocuous spot. We lost power in a hurricane a few years back so the sump pump didn’t work and the basement got a foot of water. But I’m not buying a genny for a once-in-ten-years event.

Otherwise, watch that french drain…




I’ll trade you.

Also we’ve got a couple of inches of snow on the ground.


fuck all y’all.

my chickens have two heat lamps just to keep em snug. it’s frigid out


You live in Michigan and Montana! It’s supposed to be cold!! 26 in November in Kentucky is below normal.


you’re below normal!


:upside_down_face: :crazy_face:


^^^ this


Our neighbor is a little late putting her pontoon boat up for the winter.

Shiloh is the navigator.



meanwhile, folks in montana…


Gonna be 37 C here in about 2 hours, sheeeeeesh !:sweat:


Good day for ice cream :ice_cream::icecream:


image listened to this today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So good!


6 today, 60 on Sunday.


I wish it were that mild here.


Damn! It’s a balmy 42 degrees here.



Ha! 6 is mild.