Way Out Weather


Less than inch tomorrow and 3" Sunday. They said 5" initially but downgraded it today. innuendos abound…




Currently, makes me not want to go to work. Only 1-3 predicted today, but pretty.


We’re getting snow right now too. I love it!
But the ground is too warm so it’s all melting.


Storm Freya is currently working its way across the UK. So, just for once, I’m sat on my arse watching Netflix crap!




can’t like that :snowflake::cloud_with_snow::snowflake:


Billings, MT and Denver, CO are both presently WARMER than Louisville, KY!! 🥶🥶🥶


Hope everyone down in Nashville got through that tornado.

East Nasty got hit pretty hard it looks like.


We got ”graupel” today.

Kind of a combination of snow, sleet and hail. I’d never heard of that one.


It’s German. It means “small barley corn.”


We were 85 degrees yesterday. Last night we had 70 mph winds come through, crazy storms, and lost power. My dog was a mess with fear and I couldn’t turn on the tv to drown out the noise so I could sleep. I love my dog so much, but his irrational fear of storms makes me so mad sometimes.

Today it’s in the 50’s and we have frost warnings tomorrow morning.


How have you never heard of that!!!???


I guess I’ve lived a sheltered life.




On May 13, 1980 a Tornado ripped through Kalamazoo. Here’s my story:

I remember that day 40 years ago quite well. I worked in the ISB building at Target Marketing on the third floor facing Bronson Park. The sky had turned green and a co-worker and I watched the children scatter into the county courthouse across the street from the school busses parked below. We had heard the storm warning siren go off minutes before, but ignored it. Then out of nowhere a GIANT funnel cloud appeared above the courthouse and started ripping up trees in Bronson Park. I reached for a 35MM camera sitting right there and tried unsuccessfully to frame the tornado through the lens. I clicked a shot, then went to wind the film and realized there was no film in the camera. At this point my co-worker yelled “Lets get out of here” which I figured was a good idea. We ran across the floor to the stairwell and opened the steel door and closed it behind us. We hadn’t gone down half a flight of stairs when my ears popped like never before. It all happened in an instant and then it was over. Moments later, without even having gone to the basement, I went back up the stairs and opened the door. It looked like a bomb had gone off in the board meeting room near our office. There was automobile glass all over the floor from cars parked below. We had just completed printing a job and it was in a large box in the middle of our office. The box had been opened to inspect the brochures, but now they had been “distributed”. We later heard people had found some of those on the other end of town. I looked around a little bit, then proceeded to go downstairs - with everyone else in the building. It was a few hours before we could leave the building because the danger of falling glass. A plywood awning had to be constructed over the door leading out before it was safe to leave. In the paper the next day I saw a photo of the ISB building with my drawing lamp hanging out the window of our office.


May 11 it snowed in Toronto. Today we nearly hit 90. Nothing weird about our climate at all.


Wear your sunscreen, it’s a hot one out there.


What a world.

Hurricane Sally poised to ravage the Gulf Coast as fires engulf the west and send smoke all across the country.