Way Out Weather


I’m about a half mile from downtown and I can barely see the skyline.


Finally, we can stare at the sun.


And yet this fucking idiot:


Trump on climate change: “It’ll start getting cooler. You just watch … I don’t think science knows, actually.”



We are all frozen ‘round here.


Hoarfrost today.


i love a good hoarfrost.


I always thought hoarfrost was what was happening when my ex wouldn’t answer my texts.



That is so naughty, Highlife. You’re HOARable.


speaking of whores…where’s monkey at today?


I wish I was a hoar. This dick needs choked.


Almost two whole inches of snow in Louisville! It was beautiful. :snowflake:


Historical average temp today is 10 F, but it’s raining.


Cold AF


Ice storm in Louisville. It started this morning and I almost stayed home but I chose to go in. By 3:00 it really picked up. I left at 3:45 and came out to a totally glazed car. I had to really chip at the ice to get it scraped off.
Drive home was treacherous. I went 35 on the highway. So glad I left when I did. It only got worse. It’s supposed to keep sleeting through tomorrow night and temps in the 20’s.

Trees look pretty though.

My windshield from the inside today:


More ice pics:


I think this is the coldest it’s been here in a few years. High of zero tomorrow and Monday. One of our water lines in our upstairs bathroom froze over night but luckily it’s PEX plastic tubing and didn’t burst. It only took a couple hours to get it back to working.



Power has been out here for about 5 hours. It’s currently 4° out. I’m under a pile of blankets.


Yikes! :snowflake:️Hope it’s back on soon.

We’ve got more snow than I’ve seen in the 28 years we’ve lived here. Probably nothing to most of you.