Way Out Weather


We’ve got a foot and a half of snow and more coming… it hasn’t been above single digits in a week - same goes for this week. Par for the course for February in SW Michigan.


I moved to Seattle in 1990 and that December there was a 14" snowfall. Entire place shut down, and I mean shut down. Metro buses and cars just abandoned in the middle of the street. King county had 5 snow plows at the time. You can imagine how long it took to clear some of the roads.

The Comet tavern managed to be open and wasn’t a far walk for me, so I was able to get much needed beering.


This is what we look like now. It snowed a few days ago and then we had freezing rain so everything is glazed like a cinnamon bun.


I lied.

It is supposed to get warmer this week and may reach 30° by this weekend.


I’ve seen a few of those. Totally shut down the city. This storm rolled in at 9pm on Friday night exactly as scheduled. The road crews cleared everything over the weekend. Rain came in last night. Still slushy but drivable. Was hoping for a snow day. :frowning:


Up here in Michigan (points to hand), we get a kick out of hearing people from down south complaining about a couple inches of snow.

Several years ago my friend who I worked with was awarded a trip to Atlanta in February for an annual report design show. One of our designs was winning a national competition and they were flying him down there to accept the award. He flew down there and overnight there was a “snowstorm” that left an inch or two of snow on the roads. The whole city basically shut down and they canceled the show. My friend was pissed and he flew home, drove the 2 1/2 hours from Detroit in a foot or two of snow and made it into work the next day. He was still pissed.


It’s that were not set up for a snowstorm. Folks in the east and mid west are used to it but a once a year dump is weird to prepare for. My snow boots will get used once a year but I’m glad I have them. Storing them in our little house for that maybe once a year blast sucks though.


It has been SO COLD HERE. For the last 7+ days it’s getting into the mid-twenties below with windchills as high as 50 below. My poor husband has been having to go out and run the car during the days and nights so we don’t get stranded. These silly VW diesels only come with block heaters in Canada, as though there’s nowhere in the US where it’s 40-.

This week is shot too, but next week is looking very nice with lows back in the 20’s!!!


Yes, that’s the biggest reason. They just aren’t set up for it… hardly any snowplows, etc.

We just expect it and have gotten good at driving in this shit, out of necessity.


Texans are experiencing rolling black outs, frozen pipes, and car accidents.

Sorry to hear about this @Monkey

Hasn’t been like this in Texas in 45 years.


That’s what they get for voting for Trump again.


Oh no Monkey! I’d be going to a hotel.

We are of course NOT getting the snow they predicted in Louisville. 8-12 at first has already dropped to 3-6. We got 2-3 inches last night. We are presently getting sleet only but it’s supposed to turn back to snow tonight.

We took my dog to the park to let him run in the snow. He loved it.


We’re really not set up for it either. UPS closed early today. They said it’s the first time they’ve ever done that!

That basically means my business shut down early today too. I can work from home. :pensive:


I was trying to order something today from the Guitar Center in Louisville but they closed early.


It was supposed to warm up today and here it’s an air temp of -30.


That’s crazy. Too cold for me.


Kein anderer hat diesen 45 Witz gesehen?


Doch, aber kein anderer hat unseren Humor.


colder than a polar bear’s nose here and tons and tons of snow.

i plowed and shoveled all day yesterday…at work and my house.


I feel a sense of accomplishment in shoveling my driveway… but in case I don’t make it back up the hill I’m donating my organs- or what’s left of them.