Way Out Weather


Whatever strange pattern has formed on that ID makes you look like a thick bro in a bulky off-white sweater.


I can’t unsee this.


What, you don’t like my argyle sweater?



Is it a bad idea to post this on Social Media?



Maybe just say that Texas overtook California in being prepared for nothing by idiots when it comes to the power grid. Maybe you can find some snarky posts from Texas aimed at California being a poorly run state of socialist liberals?


Ted has it covered.


Pure gold.



Monkey!!! Hope you’re ok. :heart:

They showed the firemen from your town on my local news tonight.


Hope you’re well LB! Forecast looks crazy across the region.


I’m fine here, thanks! I haven’t left the house since Saturday. We had ice storm, snow storm, single digit temps, and now another snow storm starting.

But I’m working from home and totally good.

I like snow and we don’t see enough of it in Louisville!


Good to hear you are well. We’re up against the same. More snow/ice tonight. I’ve actually agreed to go to a local ski place and go tubing next week–just in time for the warm up.

You and Steve stay warm and happy!


:blush: and you be careful out there!

Here’s a great image representing Louisville right now, from the backside at Churchill Downs:


It’s a disaster here. More than 60% of this town of 100k people have been without power for more than 48 hours and now we are being threatened with having the water shut off while pipes are bursting all over. Fucking city buildings and all ISD schools have power, heat, water. There is going to be a tremendous reckoning when this fucking thing is over.

I currently have power and have made my office a place for people to charge devices and warm up. I’m okay for now. I only had to go without utility for a day and then it took another full day for it to go from 47 to 68 degrees in here.

I’m fucking mad, stressed, anxious and you can fucking believe I will be very outspoken when I have the opportunity to go after the administrators of this shit hole.


Glad your power is back but that sounds awful.
They were not prepared.


I hope this weather breaks soon, sounds like about the whole country has been getting it.


Our president had to delay his visit to the Pfizer plant here in town for a day.






Nothing will change in Texas from this. Sorry you’re suffering Monkey.