Way Out Weather


Dallas, Texas, February 16, 2021


Hang in there, Monkey. I hope you have plenty of your avatar to keep you warm.


Wasn’t there a whisper folk song called ‘The Snowflakes Will Have Their Revenge on Texas’ back in the day?


That is nuts.


Lol it’s about to be 60 degrees here tomorrow. And it was around 0 and snowed for about 5 days straight not even a week ago.


Pretty much same here. Two weeks below freezing, last week single digits, ice storm and two snow storms. Now we’ve been in the 40’s for 2-3 days but will hit 60 today!


Here’s a photo of the beach at South Haven on Lake Michigan (not mine).



It’s because all those giant desert fans broke and are no longer cooling the state with their gentle breeze.




that john denver is full of shit!


Was, and still is.


Crying because it’s supposed to get up to 43 today but there are 20 mph winds and the wind chill is 20 degrees below the air temp so does it even count???


That’s what we were dealing with yesterday.

On Saturday it was starting to get nice out (mid to upper 40’s) and everyone was running around without coats on etc. Temperatures got up to over 60 on Sunday and sunny - then the winds picked up and temps dropped down to mid 30’s with high winds yesterday and it was freezing.

It was a real bitter pill for us because we had gotten use to the mild weather over the weekend and then wham! But today it is nice and sunny - but still relatively cold… but at least we’ve had a taste.


51 here…

headed fishing on friday…gonna walk along the bitterroot river and carry some beer with me…YOU KNOW, cause there’s sunshine and a fly rod in my hand



Sooooooo jealousssssss :broken_heart:


I’m hoping to get out to play a round of disc golf. I lost a whole year and will have to start early and get back into shape for this season. Things like my bowling team and disc golf league have become much more meaningful.

In other news, I found out last night that I’ll be eligible for my vaccine starting Monday, and I’m already on the list at my pharmacy.


It has been in the 70’s here the last few days. Absolutely wonderful.

My 2-year-old grandson got a blow up pool delivered from Amazon today, he said “This is gonna be so fun! It’s so amazing!”


…and it’s snowing.



We got out of Michigan just in time.