Way Out Weather


It was 70 degrees today…and it’s going to snow tonight!



How appropriate on the 5th anniversary of Prince’s death.


Snow for the third day in a row, and a hard freeze did a number on the fruit trees.

But expected highs near 80 by next Wednesday.


63 on Wednesday
Went fishing and then it had snowed the last two days…bee hive day today! Installing bees in their hives and it’s cold AF


That is a beautiful rainbow trout!

I’m headed up north to Baldwin this weekend. Saturday is opening day for Trout season. A couple of friends going up to fish, I’ll probably just look for mushrooms.


nice dougo. hope the weather cooperates with ya!



Nice! Were you able to keep your hive(s) going through the winter?


The high is in the fifties today after a run of days of 90s and more days as far as the eye can see so we can finally cook in the house today. Making pretzels and beer cheese soup.


Pretty nice here, but hot today. Took the pontoon boat out for a spin.



Had some kind of freak storm centered on my house yesterday. Pulled trees up in neighbors yard, knocked down trees over the road, etc. Power out 24 hours, flooded basement. Way out indeed.




Been in the 100’s here. 105, 109. We aren’t used to this. So much whining.


Any numbers over a hundred is fake news. (oh you said whining, I thought you said winning)


I like it when it’s hot.

Just like the snow and sub-zero weather I know it will not last “too” long.

My daughter, who lives in Phoenix Arizona was visiting S. Carolina and the east coast last week and she kept complaining about the weather and specifically the humidity… sheesh, at least its not 120º.


Stay cool, Inky.



It’s snowing in Louisville!!


Is that rare?