Way Out Weather


it’s puking snow in missoula, montana

non stop for like 4 days now…


We are pretty much in a blizzard snow situation here.

However, the lake is just starting to freeze over and some of my friends are getting antsy to get out on the ice to fish… one friend told me that once the ice is as thick as a 12 Oz beer can is tall they’ll venture out.

I prefer staying inside and warm. :snowman_with_snow:


i prefer warmth too…but i love being outside in this stuff…just so long as i’m dressed for it.


Gots to have your Carharts and Micky Mouse boots.


i have long johns and overalls w/ fleece and gloves and big sorel boots.


Here are my friends, the notorious Bog Brothers in full gear.

Probably got a nip of schnapps in the cooler.


my kind of guys. i could drink w/ them all day.


We don’t get much snow in Louisville. I would like a little more than we get here…but not Michigan or Montana levels. :snowman:


Getting up for the day, gotta bring my daughter to the bus stop… -20 but a feels like temp of -38. 🥶


I really have no point of reference for what -38º would feel like, and I’d like to keep it that way.




My eyelashes froze to my snood. Ahahah.


it’s really fucking cold. like stay at home and make hot cocoa and splash some bourbon cold


What’s a snood?


I wear mine under


Snood sounds like something Jay (from Jay and Silent Bob) would say if he were being dismissive about an idea.

Been below freezing, but not snowing. I didn’t realize how much skateboarding helped get my wiggles/irritation/existential dread out. It’s been a few weeks since I seshed.

Starting dosing Vitamin D.

Hoping it warms up soon.


Or like a Dr Seuss character.



It’s warmer in Chicago this morning!


It’s also warmer in Montana.