Way Out Weather


Sunny and 12 is just funny :sunny:


global cooling!


You know you live in a hellscape when you consider the overnight low forecasted as -8 to be a blessing (no need to run the car for 40 minutes at 9pm).

Too bad we woke up to -20. The car DID start though! Yeahhhhhh!



Makes me feel bad for saying I’m freezing when it’s in the 20’s.


Woke up this morning with the full moon in the backyard, included the -10 just for fun.


Totally fun. :blush:


We got the zero degrees and four foot drifts today. 16-19 inches accumulation was forecasted over two days but we had 30 mph wind gusts so it’s just wild looking out there.


Wow :flushed:

Just very wet and windy here in blighty


it’s literally the same here. not a lot of shoveling because the cold ass fucking wind has pushed it all over


This last Saturday we had our neighborhood Winterfest. There was lake golf, lake bowling, ice fishing and a whole lot of great food - including deep fried crappie, perch and bluegill fillets and smoked pulled pork sandwiches. I also enjoyed a few cold beers that froze before I could drink them. I was out there in the weather, which was darn cold, for over 4 hours, but needed the attitude adjustment.



i love shit like this. good dougo. wished i was there right by stoking the fire.


Is this for real? :blush:


Nice late summer temps.




So my mom happened to go back to St Pete for a few weeks and now these storms are coming right to her area.

She was in the evacuation zone bc she’s closer to the water and went to stay with a friend who lives 20 minutes more inland.

I just called her and she’s playing mahjong.



oy is right!

my mom plays mahjong.


My mom got so lucky. St Pete and Tampa was where the storm was headed but it hit farther south and she is fine.

My cousin just moved from Maryland to Naples, FL two weeks ago! She did not evacuate bc they were calling for evacuation up by st Pete.

Then today she was told to evacuate when it was too late! They couldn’t find anywhere to stay and roads were closed. They headed East to go to Miami.

Pretty crazy.


We rented a beach house on Ft. Meyers Beach many years ago and spent the week down there and at Sanibel Island… wonder what that place is like today? The house was up on stilts only a half a block from the beach.


Probably gone. At a minimum it’s severely damaged.