Way Out Weather



Sanibel Island is where we go every year. I love that tiny island so very much. It’s one of my favorite places. I have been told that we won’t be able to go there this year. The island was demolished. Much of the island still doesn’t have power. The causeway bridge is still only accessible for locals. Our timeshare survived, but they are saying it will be at least a year before it’s open again. The famous birds (one would whistle the Andy Griffith theme song) outside Jerry’s grocery store all died in the storm. That really bummed out my kids.


Florida’s Governor DeSantis is pretty much the gold standard for how to handle problems like that.


Forecast said to expect 10” and we got 6.5”…. Reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger(s) on what….




Size of your hands reverses that though, no?


We’re getting an ice storm, you know, where everything gets that glazed donut look.


Blowing and drifting are coming our way.


Sounds titillating



That’s headed my way too.


Missoula is fucked.


Not really “way out,” but the highs aren’t above ten this week, so it’s here to stay.


looks familiar!!!


I’d love to get that much snow! :snowman:


We are heading to Boynton Beach Florida for the holidays to visit my wife’s family. They are having a cold snap and the average high looks to be about 66 degrees.

Her family (and my wife) are really bummed not to get into some warm Florida weather but all I heard when the news came across was my sigh of relief at the fact it will not be hot and humid.


-20 here…not sure what the wind chill factor is


Nothing yet here. Been raining all day but in the 40’s the temp drop is supposed to start in the next hour and turn to snow.

By morning it will be like 2 degrees. -20 with the wind chill.

I am working from home tomorrow and it should be a short day. My customers are all closed.


Blizzard just starting to hit us. Supposed to get a foot and a half between now and Saturday afternoon.

Seems destined to ruin our family Christmas get-together on Saturday afternoon.


Snow started here almost two hours ago, about 8 pm. It’s really windy so the snow is flying everywhere.

Getting super cold. But we are only expecting 3-4 inches of snow.