Way Out Weather


Texas is closed.

We cannot.


This morning:

We only got about two inches of snow.


Not much snow in Chicago either, but it’s -9 degrees.


We didn’t get much snow. Now just crazy low temps.

Also, we have ice on the inside of our screen doors:


It 6 degrees here and really windy, but no precip. Two trees fell onto my powerline. I took my chainsaw on a stick and cut one that hanging on it, but the power company came and dealt with the other. Power was out from 8am to after 2pm. Cold toes here.


Omg. That’s terrible. Glad you are warm again!


We are having this huge ice storm now, had a lot of freezing rain yesterday and last night. I’ll spare you guys the ice covered tree photos.

Power is out all around starting just a couple miles to the north. A lot of my friends had big limbs fall on their houses and cars. There is 1/2” of ice on many of the branches then the high winds picked up early this morning and the madness started.


weather fucking sucks here. the wind is enough to make the piss inside you freeze up right in your bladder.

the clark fork river is frozen over again for a third time this year

-23 with wind chill
windy af


That’s worse than us.

It’s 46° now and all the ice has melted.

Tomorrow it says it will be back down in the twenties before warming up next week.


Meanwhile it’s 75 in Louisville in February!


We are having outrageous winds, up to 75 mph, and got like 4 inches of rain this morning.

Just left work around 4 when our power went out.

I’m home now but saw this huge tree down one block from my house. I snapped this as I was turning onto my street:


We are getting dumped on as we speak. probably 3 inches of snow in the last three hours.


On Wednesday we got about a half hour of snow. which is REALLY rare for where I am at in Southern California. Every couple of years or so we get 5-10 minutes of light flurries but the wind gusted up to about 30 miles an hour and slammed down a cold pocket from the upper atmosphere. It was coming down like crazy. It more or less all melted in about 20 minutes, but it was cool while it lasted.


Holy shit

That’s scary!


I saw truckee got nailed with like 15 ft!!!



another 4 inches of snow here. and fucking more to come.

me and sophia and my mom are headed to Arizona this friday till tues to go watch some spring training baseball


I’m headed down there to Chandler in a couple weeks for my daughter’s wedding.

Can’t wait.


yay!!! should be an awesome time for obvious reasons and to get out of the Michigan winter.