Way Out Weather


@DougoBlue this is how I imagine you were as a boy


Yes, but I’ve always had higher standards for my beer than that.

Also, In most of my early photos my hand is down my pants.


Lol - I was going to say Dougo wouldn’t touch lite beer. Also, there should be a rifle in that picture somewhere .


Snow is back… at least for a day.

I want my Indian Spring back.


Was 78 yesterday and it was flurrying this morning. So crazy.



One of the most Caucasian things I’ve ever seen.


We had a Cat 4 cyclone in North Qld 2 days ago and now we are getting Bucketed with Rain, they have closed all the schools today and are expecting Flash Flooding throughout the South East corner of the state, which is where I am, I’m going to go to work but hopefully might have an early finish so not on the roads. Sheeesh !


Friends of friends live in cairns

They just bought lots of beer and planned to sit it out

They thought having no beer would be a real disaster :slight_smile:


Good luck! :umbrella: :umbrella: :umbrella:


Yeah ,as long as the power doesn’t go ou t !! It hit a fair bit south of Cairns so I think they’ll be fine, home now, got a couple of bottles of red, just in case .


“a couple of bottles of red just in case” @kafunis you can’t be too careful, best to be over prepared


Yes .


light drizzle last night…perfect for coaching 12 girls for softball :wink:


27 Celcius right now. That’s hot. I hear it is even hotter on the east coast.


84 and awesome here!


Very humid here, but only about 65F

I need one of those light and airy rompers


I hate summer. 88 here today. Fucking miserable.


Pics please!! :wink:



fuck you!

it snowed 12 inches in the mountain and 4 in the valley.

take your tears and drink it up!