Way Out Weather


Did you get the 12 inches?


Sometimes I wish for 12 inches.



Northern Arizona has been getting all the weather, including snow. Here in Phoenix it has been warm, windy & dusty with extra pollen layering the air.
I’m pretty sure summer will not be enjoyable.


We had 7 inches of rain several weeks ago, but things have since dried out. We are suposed to have some good rains/thunderstomrs this weekend. Looking forward to hearing the rain and reading by a window.


Louisville is usually the worst city in the US for allergies. I never had them until I moved here.
This year is the worst year they say. :sniffle


We are sending you rain!


I :blue_heart: rain.


87 already, feels like 99 and it’s not even 10 am
Gonna be a hot one on the beach today but I’m going!!!



@LBSUNFLWR what’s for dinner? Any cocktails going on?


Last night we went to a Cuban restaurant. It was ok.
Tonight we went to Verducci’s Italian restaurant which is my favorite place in this city. I had a pasta with shrimp in a white wine/tomato sauce, little spicy. It was delicious.

No cocktails. Mr LB doesn’t drink so I usually don’t either.


Crazy floods here. My office lost power. All main roads there from my house are closed off.

This is the intersection I take every morning.

Thankfully no flooding at my house!


Holy shit! That is crazy.


holy shit batman!

get your canoe!


Today’s far out weather award is yours!


We went exploring today: Bradenton, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Lido Beach, Cortez Beach and into Sarasota. Saw some really pretty shit! :palm_tree:


Forest fires



Looks nice!

I spent a week with friends at a rented beach house years ago at Ft. Meyers Beach and it looked similar…

It is nice when you have a beautiful beach like that mostly to yourselves.

Hope you are having a great time.


Thank you. Extremely hot and the water isn’t very refreshing bc it feels like a bath. Coming down here this late in the Summer may not have been the best idea. The pool at my moms condo is more refreshing. But we’re going to try the beach again today. Still I’m on vacation so I’m pretty happy. The week goes by so fast!