Wedding songs


Alright faithless street -I get married in a few months.

I’m not good at all these songs I’m supposed to have picked out so throw at me your first dance songs and maybe father daughter songs?

I was leaning towards some Ritter since he’s not an absolute asshole.


When the stars go blue


Sex Type Thing - STP


If I Should Fall Behind. Played my sister down the aisle with that one.


@exile This is the right answer


Most nervous I’ve ever been playing, but went well to the last line even I saw her and my voice cracked a little…




The Seeger Sessions version is one of the best things he’s done–it’s a waltz:


And then there’s Shelby Lynne’s Iced Tea if you get married in the South:


Or Amanda Shires’s You Are My Home. This may be the time to come clean that I listen to a lot of alt-country chick singers:


Or if you get married in Canada


This one is called ‘Open Window (the wedding song)’