Weekend Thread


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I have had an incredibly productive weekend. Friday night I bought a new incredible TV and even more exciting sound system to go with it!! Yesterday I bought a new piece of furniture to put this new TV on and bought all the Christmas presents I didn’t buy online. Last night we did all our Christmas cards too!! Now today we are wrapping all the gifts and putting them under the tree! :slight_smile:

Some will get sent to Maryland but the rest are local. Plus we’re watching football and listening to Prisoner and doing laundry! whew…


Which model of TV did you buy?

I bet you went 3D😉


the people at Best Buy convinced us that it would be a mistake to not go with the 4K Ultra new shit. And they were also doing 24 months no interest. So we upgraded everything we were planning and decided to go with the newest Samsung 55 inch. It was on sale $100 off reg price. Then we started looking at the soundbar and sub woofer options. He showed us a nice middle of the road one he had. Then he showed us a Sony one that’s amazing and it was on sale $200 off reg price and if we could afford that one we should get it bc it’s a huge difference from the middle of the road he showed us before. Then he said actually Sony was offering these speakers at another $200 off if you bought a Sony TV. Since the Sony TV was comparable to the Samsung TV, even had a better range of color in HD, and since we really wanted that amazing speaker system, we opted for the Sony TV and Sony speakers!! :slight_smile: Very excited to watch movies with the upgraded sound, and even more excited to watch all my concert DVDs with the sound. Plus I can connect my ipod through a USB to the soundbar and play any music I want through them!!!


Furniture is coming in 3-5 days and the TV is coming on Saturday. We even paid for the Geek Squad geek to come set it all up for us. This way it’s all done correctly with the cable, DVD, etc and the speakers will be connected to everything like we want.


DO NOT GO WITH GEEK SQUAD! such a waste of money


The set up sounds a-maz-zing!

So they totally fleeced you? :wink:

Sounds like you got a good deal.


Geek squad is just who they send out to install it for you. I didn’t buy Geek Squad coverage for the TV.
I did buy the 5 year protection plan on the TV though.


I don’t know about a good deal, I just wanted this stuff. We have a 32 inch old as shit TV. Never had an HD TV in the living room. This is a major upgrade for us. And we spend a lot of time at home. I am really excited for the big TV. With 24 months no interest it was hard not to go for the upgraded stuff though.


Hanging out at the Joe.


I want LB’s weekend : )


LB, you aren’t old enough to need a Geek Squad install. Those are for people that are old and clueless.

Also, I hope your cable is already HD-ready. If you were watching TV on an old tube type TV, there was probably no reason to have HD. You probably want to check.


we have had all the HD channels with no HD tv for a while. We switched to ATT U verse like a year ago or so.
Should be good to go.

We probably could have figured it out but opted to have them come do it so everything is right! Especially with the sound…


I’m kind of jealous that you get to experience all of that stuff in your home for the first time.


Ha. We have been out of touch for far too long!
I am so excited for the big TV and the big sound and the amazing picture!
Our Christmas present to ourselves this year!


My Xmas gift to myself (well, and possibly the world) is a vasectomy. I have a consultation tomorrow.


Good Luck! :slight_smile:


It’s hurts.


I have heard frozen peas are helpful POST operation. Good luck.