Weekend Thread


I am predicting he may get into some trouble if he’ll Do this in front of me though. Doesn’t even care about the fact that he knocked my cushions on the ground OR that he’s on a table.


uh oh! maybe bring those cushions inside?
he’s a big puppy.


We’re headed out of town on a float trip this weekend! It’s going to be about 95, so the river will be great!


Going to see U2 outside tonight, very hot n humid here too.
No plans the rest of the weekend except to listen to music at home, out by the pool if it’s nice out, watch movies, sleep, coffee, etc. :slight_smile:


@LBSUNFLWR It’s a great album. You’ll have a great time.

Did you read that they had an album ready to go, but then that moran was elected and they thought what they had done was out of step and irrelevant? The album was shelved. The tour was booked so they thought what should they do. The PR story says that they never really toured that album, so that’s why the are doing this.


Fremont Solstice Parade. It’s time for some naked bike riders!


Please share your thoughts on the concert when you can. :slight_smile:


see the live music thread:


sounds real nice. Hope you have a great time!


Spent part of our weekend in St. Louis, and picked up this 1950’s Selig chair that had been there several weeks for a reupholster, and some TLC. It was a gift from the original owner.


Do you normally sit out in the street?


I am doing zero to nothing this weekend. I hurt my back pretty bad a few weeks back and I am only now getting very close to feeling really good.


Aw crap. Sorry to hear that Monkey. I’ve had bad back pain once and it was about the worse thing. Glad you’re feeling better.

We got hired to play a party tomorrow. The guy makes wine and is a bee keeper on several acres out by where they filmed Twin Peaks. Should be fun!


In a way it’s a luxury to do nothing on the weekend. Enjoy the opportunity.


Agreed. I haven’t had many opportunities to slow down for a few years now; missing out on vacations, concerts, etc.

I now have a stake in one of the companies I run and it’s neither been profitable or rewarding to be a partner yet.


you should probably move from texas.

that place sucks


But…it’s where all my stuff is.

And my kid…


I sit in the driveway. They kicked me off the street.


We went for to Steeet Machine Nationals yesterday. Saw some pretty vintage cars, odd interesting Americana cultural experience. I would do it again. I got 2 long runs in and tonight we are going to eat homestyle fried chicken at the Giant City state park lodge. It was built in in 30’s and parts of it still have that feel. Hopefully we get a walk in afterwards and watch the sunset.


Headed to Colorado for the week. Road trip. We need some higher elevations, less humidity, and some big shadows to contemplate.