Weekend Thread


nice! send pics!


Will do


Nice! Send cartridges for a hippiepen.


yes, need more cartridges for my hippie pen too! and Gummies!


Are we talking a month or year shipment?


I will label your Fedex box hippie pen cartridges and gummies for expedient processing. Should make it through :wink:




I’m going to the Gilmore car museum for the Checker motors celebration today, then heading to Wings stadium for the Kalamazoo Blues Festival. My 21st year of volunteering.


Your year is my month.


We took the camper out for the first time this weekend, and took my boyfriends kids camping for the first time ever. And it was their first lake trip.

It was a blast! We had friends there and were able to spend our evenings swimming off of a friends houseboat. The kids spent the week leading up to it talking about it on-stop and making lists of what they needed to bring.


Had some friends come and stay for a couple of days, they have a 10yo boy and so Luna tired him out on Sat. Friday night we went out to a Izakaya(japanese Pub where you order lots of snack size dishes, like a tapas bar I guess) Unfortunately Maya had a bit of a temperature, so took her to the Doc’s on Sat morning and she has an ear infection. We have all had the Flu here over the last few weeks, hard to shake it off !!


Well it’s Luna’s 4th Birthday Party tomorrow !!Where did that time go ??(her b’day is on tues 1st)so we are having a party in a park close by, and some of her Day Care friends and other Japanese friends will come so the wife is busy cooking, cakes, snacks. I’ve cooked a Moroccan Lamb Stew for dinner tomorrow night , Mum and Dad are coming and staying over Saturday night. Done the washing, washed the car, my day is almost done . Ahhhhhhh


August 1st is also Jerry Garcia’s birthday. :peace_symbol::crescent_moon:


We played hookie on monday…6 of us couples and we went fly fishing and rafting on the clark fork river

put on at 5:30 am and got off at 7 pm …magical fuckin day …lots of smoke from the forest fires though






I like that little water bottle. Thirsty work, I’ll bet


Balv. Great pics, looks like great fun.