Weekend Thread


Some pichas



Looks great Balv, what a great day .Good no yas !!


What happened to your sky? And face?


the weekend i’ve really been waiting for all summer…

a planned 4 day back packing trip to a lake i’ve never been!

it’s about a 10 mile hike

i’ll be journeying, with a friend and 2 pups, to polaris montana and from there will soak in the sweet hot springs of elkhorn resort

from there we’ll go set up camp at the monocreek campground and have a quick bite
after tath we’ll take a little night hike, about a mile, and visit the old mining ghost town of coolidge

next day we’ll hike our balls off to Torrey Lake in the pioneer mountains
sure to be a blast w/ lots of fish!


@thebalvenie, I’m just glad you haven’t gotten an std after all these brokeback expeditions.


thanks for your continued support

and thank you as well for the Baked Arkansas recipe

chilled creamed possum under thyme meringue



Sounds like the trailer for Deliverance II


And you’d think that Balv knows a lot about trailers.


how bout you drive up here and i’ll take you backpacking fuck stick?

maybe then you’ll drop the grouchy shit and realize life isn’t all fuckin dust bowls and tumbleweeds in a shitty state in a shitty town!

creamed possum sandwich for lunch today?


Act 2, right there :ok_hand:


Enjoy! Are there cutthroat up there?



And rainbow
And cuttbow


And Tebow


found a picture of the lake i’m hiking to


Envious. Enjoy. Places like that replenish my soul.


I’d take you up on that if I wasn’t so far away. Could use some outdoors time.


fly in on labor day

i’m going again to another lake

bring your fly rod of you can borrow one of mine :wink:


Very kind, I wish…


Luna is going up to my Ma and Pa’s after Day Care today, and will be staying til next Thursday !!! They are taking her to the Ekka(local yearly Exhibition with rides, livestock, food etc) on Monday with her cousin. It’ll be quiet round here : ) Today went into the city to some banking things and lunch with the wife, This arvo caught up with Mum and Dad as they had to pick up Luna’s Car Seat ,clothes, scooter etc. She loves it up there with them, she once said that she would rather live with them, than us, Hahaha-Go ahead we said ! Anyway it’s great for her to spend time with them and they love it as well, so win win.