Weekend Thread


no plans tonight except to watch more episodes of The Sopranos.
Tomorrow our closest friends are getting married at 6 PM, should be a nice night.


We’re headed up to Edison tonight to hear a friend play then celebrating our 24th anniversary while trying to avoid out of town visitors as much as possible.


If you’re traveling there are you not out of town visitors also…?


Last weekend we went to a really weird rave, this weekend we might go to another rave and maybe to a strip club.


Edison is only an hour away so we’re coming home tonight. I meant the rest of the weekend.


Running a pretty 10 mile trail with some friends tomorrow morning, and then going to the zoo in St. Louis.


Oh god.

what a grueling hike! but oh so worth it.

10 miles of steady and gradual climbing till the last 2.5 miles of straight the fuck up boulder trails and granite cliffs :wink:

here’s some pics i hope you all can enjoy…headed back out for another one come Labor Day!


But how was the gay sex?


it was meh.

i’m a generous lover but these two guys were stingy and greedy pigs. plus i had to provide all the lube…a starburst loogie gets the job done!


Looks great Balv


one last pic my buddy just sent me


even that fish looks like he’s smiling!


We’re going up north to my brother-in-laws cottage on the lake this Friday for a long weekend. It’s my wife’s birthday and she doesn’t know, but our daughter is flying in from Phoenix Thursday night and will be up there.

Its been really hard to keep the surprise for over a month, but she still is oblivious to it all. She thinks that my other daughter and her husband will be house-sitting to watch our dog, but they are coming up as well - which she also doesn’t know.

I’ve been trying to plan all the dog walking and watching activities with multiple parties behind her back, and that has been the most difficult part. Dogs are a pain in the ass.


Also they have quite a loon population up there on Saphire Lake and they are great to watch.


Finally going to be my two week holiday this weekend, off to Southwold on the Suffolk coast with the partner and little one. Cannot wait…


driving over to the oregon and cali coast

will be gone for about 9-10 days :wink:


I’m driving all over Texas to take photos in ghost towns and towns that are dying. It’ll be a tooth count kind of weekend, no doubt.


How do you find time to work?

Or is that what they do in the winter months in Montana?

By the way- I’m envious of you and Grim’s hiking and travel exploits.


This will pay off. Good for you, Dougo. This is the kind of thing she’ll remember forever.


most of the work is in the fall/winter but it’s really been a busy summer here and i’ve finished all of our big expense projects :wink: