Weekend Thread


OK, as long as all of your work is done you can go ahead and go.


I am looking up portland food trucks and must have eats…

i think the Cheezus looks good

a cheese burger w/ grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns


Jim and Patty’s is very good.




We are going to a Japanese Festival on Saturday, not too sure what’s it about, probably lots of food though !


Running, tea, and prepping for the total eclipse on Monday :smiley:


Spent most of the day hanging some of the new posters I had framed recently. Love these.

Redid this whole wall in my bedroom to include some new stuff. Took forever.


Working on doing a whole wall in the office too. Started moving things over to make room for more we still need to get framed.

This MMJ double poster is in the hallway but you see right when you walk in the house.


Bike ride tomorrow morning. Neighbourhood street fest in the afternoon - basically an excuse for some day drinking. Not watching the fight. Sunday is Championship Day for our softball league. Obviously my team is not involved in the championship playoffs due to not winning a single game this year. We do have a game dubbed the “Asskicker Game” against a time that only won 2 games (against…guess who?) . End of season party afterward. Monday I am taking the day off, drying out and running a few errands. Taking Tuesday (Isbell concert at Massey Hall) and Wednesday off too.


Massey Hall will be an excellent venue for the 400 Unit. Have fun.


Yup - I’ve seen Wilco there a couple of times and the sound is pristine. Very comfy too.


I haven’t seen my son in 3 weeks so I am spending the weekend in his neck of the woods. I bought a yearly family pass for a nature preserve nearby and we are going to observe a medical checkup for 2 of their black rhinos.


Wouldn’t want to be doing the prostate exam


The Rhinoceros is one bad ass animal.

Very skilled in the art of animal husbandry.


Went to a democratic fund raiser and I got to see senator Tammy Duckworth, and then I to meet her again tonight. Neat experience.


The wife took Luna to a School Fete today, so I’m at home with Maya, listening to tunes, watching her dance and cooking Lamb Shoulder roast with Ras El Hanout for dinner !


3 day weekend approaching!
We are supposed to be getting the edge of Harvey this way. Nothing horrendous but we are expecting 3-5 inches of rain and temperature drops into the 50’s and 60’s over the next 2 days. Done by Saturday and then we are supposed to have beautiful weather Sunday and Monday for the holiday weekend.

We may have a BBQ Sunday, not sure yet.
We will definitely be watching a lot of The Sopranos. We started Season 5 which has 13 episodes and then the 6th and final season was like a double season with 21 episodes. Trying to finish before football season starts!


I’m super stoked for this weekend. Summer is always fun for the band. We have some nice outdoor shows. This weekend is the biggest. Ebey Island Freedom Fest started out as a backyard party and swelled into this 4 day event. 45 bands, tie dye tent, laser show. It’s a fricking blast and we have a prime slot on Saturday so I’m jacked. We stopped by the grounds last night to drop something off and there were RV’s surrounding the perimeter already and around 15 tents. This doesn’t start until Friday at 4:00. Our kid will be off at cross country camp so we’ll probably eat some mushrooms after our set.


sweet! hope you have so much fun! :sunny:


Kill it!

Looks like a blast.