Weekend Thread


Thanks you guys!


Set these up outside. Bet we’re the only household in Louisville, KY with a Chiefs fan and a Ravens fan! :football:


Was going to have a quiet Fathers day dinner at home last night, but ended up going to some friend for a Sushi Party, They bought a whole Salmon and my wife trimmed and prepared it for the sushi and we have some fillets to throw on the barby at a later date ! Yummy


Ran a fun half marathon in Nashville. Today is tea, reading, naps, and laundry.


Went camping with another Dad in a class A RV (1976 GMC) with our kids.

Rainy on Fri-Sat, but good weather on Sunday. I can see the appeal of RVs. But the constant maintenance seems like a bear.

Unrelated, there is a couple I know and they named their son Bear. The family was out camping and the son ran off into a trail, so the mother had to run around the campsite yelling “BEAR!”.


I really need an update on Lacey’s weekend. I’m dying over here.


My best friend growing up had a big motor home. We would go to the High Sierras every Summer. The rest of the year her Dad was under that RV.



Tomorrow we are having a Family Photo taken, Mum & Dad, 3 Sons, Wives, 8 Grandchildren etc. It will be good to have everyone together, 2 of my brothers kids are Teachers and work in different towns so haven’t seen them for ages, we will then go back to my little brothers place for Brunch(the photo shoot is 8-9.30am)
We also are moving home in 2 weeks so lots of packing/throwing going on as well.


Seeing Broken Social Scene in St Louis this weekend. Probably bike around and hit up microbreweries as well.


Was listening to You Forgot It In People today ! Enjoy the show ,


got 3 growlers of prime goodness…IPA, Pale Ale and a Pilsner
got some Montgomery Distillery Vodka for our morning bloody mary’s and our evening moscow’s

headed to dillon the surrounding big hole and blacktail area and will catch some fish and sight in our rifles for the upcoming hunting season

we will also visit the dillon cemetery and unload our bladders onto my brother Jeffry’s tombstone…we only do so cause we know he’d do it to us.

will most definitely hit up the metlen bar and have a shot or two of fireball



Off for a weekend in Castleton in the Peak District for some walking and ale drinking for the birthday.


happy birthday exile!

:slight_smile: :birthday:


Thanks balv


Yes, happy birthday! Enjoy your weekend :birthday:




Happy Birthday!


Ran this morning, and meeting friends tomorrow at a local state park for an early morning run.

Driving to St. Louis tomorrow to look at this Adrian Pearsall. I may come home with a new chair and less money…


Haha, thankyou. Officially mid 40s now