Weekend Thread


the trip down to Dillon and the Blacktail area was a success.

Got out there late at night on friday and set up the tent in the snow…got up early next morning and made breakfast…waited for the weather to clear and then went fishing.

we caught 7 big browns all 20" or more

pretty epic damn afternoon if i don’t say so myself.

after that we drove around the dirt roads and backroads and checked out elk camp for november.

here’s some pics:


That’s a good haul of Brown Trout, Mr. Balvenie!

Good job.

Beautiful country there too.


Looks great. Any suggestions for easy camping recipes. Picked up our first tent and a couple single burner camping gaz stoves, some pointers on sensible meals be helpful.


You didn’t think he was the one actually catching the fish did you? He was there to hold them. Looked like he was doing a damn fine job of it too.


grilled bagels w/ over easy or hard eggs w/ choice of cheese and cooked ham…english muffins are good too…
oatmeal w/ brown sugar or syrup
blueberry pancakes w/ bagged hash browns

bagels w/ cheese
grilled cheese w/ ham
any kind of sandwich
tortillas …add cheese or meat…
top ramen and add poached egg or ready made pork tenderloin to broth…slice it thin

taco night is always a must
hamburgers are easy
rib eye steaks are deeelish
w/ a side of macaroni and cheese
or a side of other pasta

also, for camping recipes and ideas use Pinterest. i love using it for camping and backpacking ideas.




tired of being the only asshole here!?

i bet i have one more fish picture of me if you want



Thanks balv, very helpful. Really looking forward to it.


I don’t see beer in your meal plan. WTF?


Enjoyed the pics, you live in a wonderful place.


Got Maya’s 1st Birthday Party tomorrow, in a park down the road. It’s VERY HOT here and will be tomorrow, we are having a bbq and the wife made a Sushi Cake, will be all over by 2pm I hope. I got sick yesterday so today I’ve been laying down and just doing a bit of sorting out Electricity/Gas for the new house we move into next Friday. Hopefully I’ll be fully recovered soon to finish packing etc.


Hope you feel better! :slight_smile:
moving is a pain, hope it goes smoothly…


Yep, thanks LB, feeling a bit better today, should make it through the party .:grin:


We’re headed to Portland early tomorrow to see my daughter and my nephew run in the Nike invitational. It’s pretty cool, my nephew flew in from San Diego. We’re representing the family to cheer them on. I"ll try not to embarrass them. Not likely.


Did you get the chair? It’s beautiful, I love it!
I hope you got it!


We are in negotiations with the guy that restored it, and will probably come to agreement next weekend. We have 6 chairs restored from this person so we will probably swap one out as part of the deal. I am pretty confident it will be coming home soon. :slight_smile:


I love mid century chairs. The same guy restored all of these. The Yellow is Selig we had him restore and was a gift to us, and the blue Milo Baughman we acquired from him the same time we impulse bought that floor lamp. He also did our Kofod Larsen chairs & love seats in the living room as well. (I have a chair problem, I covet chairs, I have run out off room )


I love mid-century modern architecture and furniture.
My dentist in Tokyo was a fan, also and he decorated his waiting room with furniture in that style.
It was very nice! Almost like sitting and waiting in someone’s living room!

I love your furniture and your house even looks very mid-century modern.
Was it designed by someone famous?


The house is mid century modern and was built in 1960 by a local architect. It was featured in the Chicago tribune I think in 61, but would hve to check the date of the article. I will take an updated photo tomorrow and/or soon. We just got some work done on the outside. It has been somewhat our focus for the last 4-5 years. That dentist office sounds awesome. :slight_smile:


Very cool! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the pictures!!

Waikiki used to be full of mid-century modern architecture but sadly a lot have been destroyed and replaced with high-rise condos and hotels.
I used to love that about Waikiki, it used to have a very retro feel to it, kind of like taking a time capsule back to another era. But that’s changed in the past 20-30 years.

These days Honolulu could be any other city in the world but with an added bonus of coconuts falling on your head! :palm_tree:


“I like coconuts
You can break them open
They smell like ladies lying in the sun
I like coconuts
You can break them open
They smell like ladies lying in the sun
And if I had my way
I’d give a coconut to everyone”