Weekend Thread


Take the pictures this weekend, then we’ll be back on topic!

(Sorry for hijacking the thread!!! :bowing_woman:)


yeah ya bums!

get yourselves a used vintage furniture thread!!!




Technically a little early for the weekend, but seeing Angel Olsen tonight. Surprised she doesn’t get more play around here. And then fall break starts friday afternoon! (Working at a college basically means you live like a student for your entire adult life.)


Moving day today- YAY !!


Need to borrow my truck?


I will be running a trail run with some friends, looking at some furniture, tea, naps, and setting up the garden for fall. Maybe a fire if the temps can cooperate.


I’m on the mend from the flu
Drank my weight in bone broth

So now I wanna get off the damn couch and on the squash court

And watch some playoff baseball


There’s a nice art festival here every year called the St James art festival. It’s in a really pretty and old part of Louisville. They have everything from furniture and jewelry to painting and photography. My cousin from FL has a booth there some years. We will go down there Saturday afternoon and walk around and check it out.

Otherwise just stay home probably and cook and watch movies and football.


What movies are you thinking of watching, Ms. LB?


Thanks Rod,
Well as it has turned out, still waiting for the guys to come !! They were supposed to be here between 11-1, it’s now 4.43, I’ve just got off the phone and have been promised they will be here by 6 PM , WWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . It’s not too bad we have moved a lot of stuff ourselves in a trailer, just the big heavy shit=Fridge, Dining Room Table, Wardrobe etc that we need them for, Oh well, Just had a Hail Storm blow through as well, so that has slightly cooled things down. OK Onwards and Upwards !


Steve is downloading movies now, got on an invite only site that has most everything he looks for.
I want to see this, heard it was good:

We also recorded this documentary to watch again called There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane.
crazy and very sad story.


def not gonna watch the big sick

but i am familiar w/ aunt diane story.

very bizarre


I heard it was good, why definitely not?

Aunt Diane story is brutal. not sure why we’d put ourselves through that again but we will. Almost as bad as the bus crash doc I posted about above…


i watched the preview. doesn’t look like something i can stomach. but i wish you well and good luck! :wink:

yeah. i keep thinking i want to watch impact…but no, i skip it …sophia and i were sick for two days…we watched the tom petty doc, planes trains and autos, life w/ mikey and a shit ton of simpsons.


I have The Big Sick on my EHD.
I was thinking of watching it this weekend, also.

But I might watch this:

Or this:


Hope you and Sophia are feeling better, Rodknee!


thanks uv

we are both much better.

gonna watch the cubs destroy the nats tonight.



Inky you in Seattle too?


Heck yeah! 24 years and counting. I didn’t know you were in Seattle.


Oh wow! You two should meet up and scissor or something.