Weekend Thread


Holy wha!

That looks like a stupendous meal.


yeah baby!

food porno!

looks great kafunisakia


Tomato buta bara! :heart:
Uzura no :egg:!! :heart:
Plum wine!!! :heart:

Okusan bijin!!! :grin:


Face Painting practice :grinning:


Great photo!


Doing music this weekend with my boys in town, hanging in the Bergatorium.

As always it has turned into an eat-a-thon.


Here are a couple photos of our homemade apple pancakes…

We also had chili, hash brown bake and carnitas- thanks for the recipe, Monkey.


Yum, those look awesome!




We carved pumpkins, my 6 yo finally learned how to ride his bike w/o training wheels at the track of his elementary school. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a John Cougar Mellencamp song.


Same here. I can’t believe how traditional and corny I’ve become. I have a gourd display in my front window.


suckin’ on chili dogs outside a tastee freeze?


i’m taking my girls out w/ a 2 dozen eggs, 4 rolls of toilet paper and baseball bats to beat the poor piss out of any pumpkins…

feel like i’m living in a bon jovi song!


Only if one of your kid’s is named Johnny.

We carved.


only if you lived in New Jersey too!


Having Big Brother and family over to the new digs for some homemade Sushi tonight .


Running a 10 mile trail race. Bonfire and tea.



I’d like to try making sushi sometime.


Well Come on Over !! Anytime :sushi: