Weekend Thread


Yeah, not too bad !


Yeah, ate better than it photographed ! Ha .


I don’t know, it all looks pretty awesome to me.


Looks amazing didn’t it? I love sushi


The girls have gone to a Japanese Festival, I’m home with Maya, they have on their Summer Kimono’s don’t get to wear them much here !! The little boy is Hukua who is a few months younger than Luna, they get on great ! and that’s his Mum, Amy in the middle ,


Everybody looks so kawaii!!


Yes they do, Arigato !


couple of photo`s from the wedding the other weekend in Kyoto


We are down in Orange Beach, Alabama. We drove down to spend a week with my Aunt at her condo. A nice view of Wolf bay and the gulf. Also it’s 80 here!


Sweet!!! Have a great time!


Went to our favorite restaurant tonight for Steve’s birthday. This is probably the best salad I’ve ever had. Grilled romaine heart, tomatoes, shaved Parmesan and pine nuts with a sun dried tomato vinaigrette:

And Filet with a red wine sauce and gnocchi in a fontina cheese sauce. Pretty rich but completely delicious. Fluffiest gnocchi you’ve ever had.


Lucky You !


Happy birthday to mr lb!


Running in the woods both days. Spring time is a gift.


Weekend starts today! Waves and I are headed to
Chicago tomororw to see Crazy Ex-Girlfriend live. Love this show and the musical numbers.


Well this big storm is gonna kill this weekend - probably for a lot of us. We are supposed to get a good coating of freezing rain. Probably staying in watching playoff hockey & basketball.


give me a call on the skype machine? we can have a pint together.

username is: bigbootymoodyjudydtf6900


Doing two group runs this weekend out in the sticks! I accepted the job at SIU. Eating out middle eastern with the wifey. Life is good.


happy for you! :slight_smile:

I am starting to like my new job though it’s still very understaffed and disorganized. Hoping I can help those who are there try to make it better.


Rained all weekend so we spent it watching Coachella on You Tube. Very cool.