Weekend Thread


Justin Verlander tweeted this:
Anyone else feel slightly guilty when they put together a SB party pool but then win it?! Nah?? Me either… nice W fam!!!


Running a half marathon out a the refuge. Eagles are nesting. Should be fun.


We decided to go to Keeneland for some races today! It was packed but we managed to get some good seats. I won twice but we ended up down for the day. Still fun!!


Back when I was married, we used to play the horses every Sunday. We were friends with an ex-jockey and he taught me (my ex wasn’t interested in learning) how to “read” horses and the “science” behind which horses to bet on. Basically, it’s all about stats & lineage and some other things but anyway, we would have a bunch of friends come over and the jockey would choose what he thought would be the winning horses and we would place bets on his choice (if we wanted to) and if we won, we’d pay him back 10%. We called it “The 10% Club” and it was this great, fun gambling party at our house every Sunday! We had so much fun. People would come over around noon and bring drinks and food and we’d play until the last race. We did win most of the time and the ex-jockey used to make quite a bit of money.
In the end, the bookie we were using had to quit because we were winning too much.

There’s a race track in Tokyo where the races are held at night and they’re called “The Twinkle Races”. We used to go to that, too, with a bunch of people and we’d just gamble and drink beers. I think Bing even went with us one time. Those horse racing days were really fun times.

I still love horse racing and watch it on TV sometimes. I don’t place bets anymore but I do like to watch it for the sport and to use what I learned and try to guess the winner.


Sounds awesome!!
Obviously it’s big in Kentucky. Churchill Downs does night racing in the summer. It’s a lot of fun.
Keeneland is in Lexington, about an hour and 20 minutes away. It’s beautiful.

We just place $5 bets, $10 sometimes. Nothing crazy.


I love the horse races. I know some say it’s cruel. I used to go with my grandparents for most of the summer when I was a kid. Brings good memories.


I’m turning 50 on Saturday. My husband got us booked at a club in San Diego so the whole band is driving down. All of my family, my high school friends and my high school band will be there plus who knows who else. It’s pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to play for the family and this feels like a homecoming.


Wow. That’ll be so fun.
Hope you have a great time :birthday::heart:


Sounds like a blast, Inky.



Thank you!


whoa baby!!!

you’re half way to 100!!!

Good job Inkster :wink: hugs and loves.

happy smurf day to ya


Should be a great night !! Have FUN !!


I’m hopping a flight to St. Pete tonight. My mom took my sister-in-law and niece down there for the week and I’m going tonight until Monday night. :beach_umbrella::desert_island:

Supposed to have thunderstorms all weekend. Boo.


Storms in st Pete have delayed the plane getting back here. Flight was supposed to be 9:30 to 11:30. Now it’s not even getting here til 11:00. Has to get checked and then back to st Pete by 1:00 am ish.


Plane delays sux.


Especially when you’re alone. :slightly_frowning_face:


Running a trail with a friend tomorrow. Taking my father in-law to visit his parents graves in KY on Sunday. We are losing him to Alzheimers, and he wants to go see his birth place one last time.


That’s Grim.


Aww. Are they in Louisville? There’s an amazing cemetery here. One of the most beautiful spots in the city.


I made it!