Weekend Thread


Congrats to the Chiefs and their fans. That was a pretty good game.


That guac looks solid.


Seriously. I want it inside me.


It was simple and easy and delicious. I doubled this recipe:


That is EXACTLY how we make ours. We roast our serrano or jalapeno.


Good Saturday:

Got last minute free tickets to Louisville Basketball game, then leaving game and going straight to Headliners for Billy Strings!!


Looks like the rain has stopped.Might have to mow, only did it 2 weeks ago!!


Happy Valentine’s Day. :heart:


I see this show is up for free tonight at 9. Isn’t this the show that @LBSUNFLWR attended?


Hey cool. I went the 2nd night. This was the first.
Maybe tomorrow they’ll play my show??

I’m watching GD stream. Buffalo July 4,1989 on YouTube.


Must have sound on for this.


Next weekend…

my dad and I are taking my youngest nephew down to the Blacktail Mtns near Dillon, MT and we’re gonna camp…setup the wall tent and go fish and shoot pistols all over hell.

Grady has never been here and it’s a Foster rite of passage to come do this. He and his mom are finally able to entrust me to take him on a great adventure. there’ll be no stops to the graveyard to visit his dad’s tomb, nor are there any plans to bring up jeff or make the point that this is what Rod and Jeff did as kids…i just want him to be w/ me and get to know me more. he already loves his uncle a shit ton and i love him right back. i’m so excited to get to do this with him and share this very special place. The Fosters have been through this valley and area since 1898. He’s a 6th generation montanan and it’s time to show him this place.

Pics to come after!!!


You always bring back such great outdoor pictures.


Can’t wait to see the next picture of you holding a fish!




So Jealous, Balv. Sounds like you’ll be introducing him into a world he’ll grow to love as much as you.


Just an amazing weekend of camping, shooting, fishing, hiking, and s’moresing…


Where’s the obligatory “Rod holds fish” pic?


That’s a mighty big sky you got there, balv.


fish pics are on my dad’s phone…

i was skunked this weekend! first time in a long time out there. grady and my dad got a couple though!