Weekend Thread


Honestly, give us the fuckin fish pic, balv.
Looks amazing.


Is that handsome little dude your nephew?


I’ll bet he already has a lot of mannerisms and such that remind you of your brother. I hope you and him build a great bond together and stay close.

I went up north this weekend and helped do some maintenance on my friend’s cabin up at the Pere Marquette river. The whole trip helped rejuvenate my attitude and soul. Hope this trip did the same for you, your dad and nephew.


Grady Cole Foster


Incredible pictures.

But we’re gonna need that fish pic.


Yeah. Fish pic or it didn’t happen.


Watch this tonight at 8:30! I think it’ll be up all weekend too.


Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby in September.

I didn’t go anywhere but we bet on the races and watched from home. :racehorse::racehorse::racehorse:

I lost almost every race but hit a trifecta in race 13. A $6 bet paid $260! Made back my whole day and then some. :yum:


Nice! Hope you had a tall Mint Julep to celebrate!


Had our annual Labor Day weekend hike to waukena lake in the pioneer mountains…lots of fun as usual


Thank you for the over-abundance of obligatory “Rod holds fish in picture” pictures. You should have some credit photos for some time.


Has anyone ever photoshopped a dick in for the trout? Asking for a friend.




'bout time you delivered on those fish pics. Looks like a great time.


I’m fairly certain I’ve seen a “Rod holds a dildo by the stream” pic. Maybe?


Let’s go!!!