Weekend Thread


Took Friday off so I could take my buddy fishing …he’d never gone before…we had a blast and it was sunny all day and about 50 degrees
Fish pic included this time…


Therrrrre we go. 'bout time balv. Looking good. Beautiful shots.


Can you take me fishing? I also have never been before.


I have only been fishing for compliments, and never caught any.


I like your red panda face.


I think you’re cool and smart.


And now I have a full creel!


That’s a good day on the inter webs


headed out and gonna fish the Jocko River all day tomorrow…no floating…walk and stalk in the waders…looks to be about 50 degrees and sunny!!!

i’ll have a beer(s) for you all


Playing a gig to real people with our acoustic hillbilly band on Saturday. Very excited about that.


Knock 'em dead you two!


My folks are coming over for Easter dinner on Sunday and my daughter and their family will be there. They haven’t met their great granddaughter Haven yet. Can’t wait.

I just get lost in her eyes. Her scars barely show, she’s so happy.


So happy she’s doing so well. Little beauty. :cherry_blossom:


Boundless love for these two.


Beautiful :heart:


New firepit


I found a few last night. Got the whole gambit of blacks, whites and grays.

Hoping to hit the motherlode this weekend.


Derby tomorrow, friends. :racehorse::racehorse::racehorse:

I’ll be placing bets and watching from home.

Also getting my 2nd vaccine shot tomorrow.


Big day!