Weekend Thread


Truly big day!
I am officially fully vaccinated. :blush::heart_decoration:

Don’t even care if I lose every bet I placed.
0/2 so far.


Happy for you! I get my second shot next weekend.


my wife and i and about 4 other couples are headed out next week to float the scenic Smith River permit-only river next tuesday!!!


The float trip was awesome and the best yet on the Smith…mainly because my wife was with me on this one and the weather was fucking awesome.




Damn. How big are the files?







That first one is my favorite.


'Scuse me for noticing, but your wife is even cuter than you, Balv.

And you look like a little boy with a big beer in that last photo. “Can I have a sip daddy?”


Minus the Chelada, great pics, Balv!


ha! i’m not a chelada guy…i got those for my wife!!! but i did have some and it wasn’t too bad!


I love a good Snappy Tom up north. 33% V8, 66% beer.


another awesome weekend and this one was spent with my dad and my youngest nephew

did a lot of exploring, fishing, hiking, and shooting.

it was magical :slight_smile:


Did you kill those baby deer? :sob:


are you being serious?

i fished with them for two days. momma took off when i walked through the brush…the little deer were brand new so i kept my distance and went around em. i saw them on two different occassions. so sweet :slight_smile:
i saw a badger, marmot, a mama and baby moose, two bald eagles, a plover, and no humans.


A mamma and baby moose could get sketchy…

I walked up on a mamma badger with her baby one time and she scared the shit out of me.

So great to spend quality time with your nephew and dad.


Headline: LBSUNFLWR goes sunflower picking in Indiana. Man was it fun! :sunflower: