Weekend Thread


you know i have his cell phone number right?

he’s got plenty in his spank bank.


So generous, balv.


I am pretty down this weekend after having to cancel our Christmas yet another time because of sickness.

I do have a lot to be thankful for. I spliced together this video montage of my granddaughter.



This last weekend I went to the Barrett Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. Probably saw over 2,000 cars, pretty much every one of them was spotless with only very minor imperfections.

As a teenager and younger I was really into cars - classic, collectible cars like the ones on display. My brother and I were gear-head wanna bees. I realized I held onto all that useless(?) knowledge all these years. I found myself rattling off the various engines available and their horsepower ratings…

It was kind of a trade show/swap meet as well and really interesting to see some of the prototypes of cars and trucks. Ford has an F-100 that is retro styled after a '78 pickup as well as a retro Bronco that are both electric that should be coming out soon.


That Bronco is beautiful.


If a 78 styled pickup hits the streets, I’ma buy one. Better be all or 4 wheel drive.


Those have a “Frunk” for storage as well as the bed.


Excitement dimming.


Not a fan of the frunk? the electric motors are so small there’s plenty of room for storage under the hood… which would be nice with just a two-seater.



Resurrecting this gem!

What a fun read. Remember when kafunis posted pics of the amazing food his wife was making? Or when Grim and wife would travel hours for a new old chair? And Egg!!! :star:


I took a quick trip to NYC/NJ Thursday through Saturday to go to a show with my best friend.

She loves Leon Bridges and her husband doesn’t like going to see live music. He played Forest Hills stadium in Queens, which is amazing by the way. I have to go next time MMJ plays there.

On Thursday I literally took part in all forms of transportation! I flew to NJ, took an Uber to her house, we took a ferry to Manhattan, took a bus from ferry to train station, took subway to Queens and took a taxi home at the end of the day! Also walked 5.5 miles that day!

Leon Bridges puts on a good show. His band was really good. He’s like a tiny bit James Brown and a little bit Usher but way less dancing than either. Just a great singer. I only knew 3-4 songs but it was an excellent night outside and in a really great atmosphere.

Plus I ate amazing bagels and pizza every day! Hung out by Madison Square Garden for a bit in the afternoon. Spent time with my friends the next day and flew back home Saturday morning.


I’ve never been to NYC :confused:


That makes me sad :cry:

Before I moved to Louisville I lived in Edgewater, NJ for 7 years. It was a struggle to afford to live there and the chaos and commotion living in such a densely populated area brings is not worth the stress.

Living in Louisville is calm and easy. I felt such relief as soon as I got home.

But, visiting for a few days is great! Having a free place to stay just a few minutes outside of the city is also great!!!

It would be a fun time if you and your wife went for a few days, like for something specific like a show. Stay over a couple of nights, go to the art museums, go to Central Park, eat at a few amazing restaurants and eat a lot of the best pizza!!

Times Square is overrated. The Empire State Building is just awesome to see from a distance. Taking a boat by the Statue of Liberty did make me cry the first time I saw and I think everyone should get to see.

Otherwise you could probably find a hotel a bit away from the chaos and have a really enjoyable few days.


I want to travel more.

My daughter is getting married in the spring and my future in-laws live in New Jersey. We should really consider a trip to NYC/Jersey in the next few years.


I’ve never been to NY either. I’m going to change that. My girl wants to live there.


You are a LOT further away so I understand.

I’ve never been to California. In fact, I’ve never been further west than Chicago!! Crazy.


We met a guy who wants to bring us to Norway. We’re working on our passports. Time to start traveling.




Hope not. The guy is near 80 and looks like a living Zig Zag man.