Weekend Thread


I’ve got to get my drivers license updated with the thing that lets me go to Canada. Really want to make a trip to Quebec happen next summer. I need to start thinking about traveling more too.


The next phase of my life has started; officially quit that job at Jefferson Lab, and I just moved to Maryland, new job at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab starts Sept 6. Will start exploring around here for a week or so


Sounds like a great opportunity!


Yeah, I’m really excited about it/looking forward to it! It’s been 14 years in the particle physics game if you start the clock at the beginning of my research in grad school; it’s time for a change – I’ve been looking for/open to a way out for a long time now. It’ll be an adjustment, but it will be good


Sounds awesome!


congrats neb!!!


We played Nudestock for the second time on Saturday. Our set was at 11:00 and luckily it was 60 degrees so not a lot of schlong.


Bahahaha, tell me you’re an extrovert without telling me you are an extrovert.


I guess there’s no panty-throwing at the stage??


Oh wait it’s nudity optional. We wear clothes but some bands do not.


I just booked a long weekend trip to Kansas City!

I’m so excited and have never been there.

It started with my strong desire to see Goose again and looking at their tour dates. They’re playing in KC on a Tuesday in October, and since Steve is a lifelong Chiefs fan, I checked to see if the Chiefs were at home that Sunday.

Turns out they play at home on Monday Night Football against The Raiders.

So yesterday we got football tickets, Goose tickets and booked an Airbnb. It’s an 8 hour drive from Louisville. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, so probably don’t Google nudestock.


this made me smile. love it when nice people go get to do nice things they love.


you knew what was gonna happen. are you shocked? or pleasantly surprised?


Correct. I dig their freedom but yow!


Have fun!! Any specific plans you have? Joes KC is great BBQ (original is in a gas station). Jack stack is good for “fancy” bbq.

When will you all be here?


Thanks, Lacey. Someone else recommended the exact two spots for BBQ.

We’ll be there 10/8 - 12

The show is at The Midland Theater. Looks really nice.


Well, what showed up was NOT the nudestock event.


That’s a good venue! There’s KC Wineworks and then several breweries that you can take the street car to if you wanted a drink beforehand. If you want a cocktail check out The Conductor club upstairs bar at Pierponts (https://www.pierponts.com/conductor-club). Pierponts itself is also an amazing, but pricey meal.


Thanks. We aren’t drinkers but love the food recs

I’m into coffee, breakfast, ice cream and Italian food if you have ideas. :blush: