Weekend Thread


My boys are in town and we’re jamming down in the Bergatorium.

Too much fun.

I rarely drink liquor, but I stocked up and bought bottles of Gin, rum, vodka, bourbon and scotch… half of which is already gone after the first day and a half. We got everything hooked back up and plugged in and started to play about 10 last night.


I’m still trying to recover from this last week. Way too much food and drink and smoke… It’ll take me a minute.

But no rest for the weary. Tonight Lucinda Williams concert then we are headed up north for the weekend at the brother-in-law’s cottage on the lake.


Hoping for a good Lucinda Williams show for you. She’ was noticeably impaired from her stroke when we saw her a few weeks ago. It was kinda shocking.


A friend was wondering if she will play guitar tonight, as she enjoyed her playing when she saw her in Nashville several years ago. Wasn’t sure if she could or would play the guitar after her stroke.


She didn’t play guitar when we saw her, but she had added Doug Pettibone as a second guitarist, which was great. She just had trouble singing and she had to be helped to walk on stage. We had seen her 4 or so years ago, and the difference was very noticeable.


Same when she performed with Jason Isbell a few months back. She sat in a chair nearly the whole performance.


Saw Lucinda Williams last night in town and she was really great!
So impressive the way she has fought back to be able to perform and give the audience a great show. She’s warm, funny and feisty. Her voice sounded really good, with no problem remembering words or hitting notes. This was my first Lucinda show and It was a really enjoyable concert. My wife was hanging on every word along with the rest of the crowd. What she said and the lyrics of her songs were all worth listening to. Her band were all exceptional musicians and did a great job of accompanying her through her many different styles. The drummer was a little showy for my taste, but he was good - but I would have preferred someone a little more reserved. Both guitarists were exceptional I thought with Pettibone’s steel playing especially standing out. It seemed almost like a greatest hits show, as I recognized almost every song even though I only have a handful of her records. There were a lot of people singing along and I was surprised she had so many fans around here… the place was pretty much full down on the floor. She did have to have someone walk with her onto and off the stage, but she stood the whole show and only occasionally reached over to the chair back near her. No guitar for her, but that was never what I would have necessarily come to see.


love every word of this. good for you dougo. :slight_smile:


So next weekend I am thinking I might go to Beaver Island. My friend bought some property up there and is going to take a camper he got up there. He could use help with getting his camper across on the ferry, then up to his property, which I understand is somewhat remote.

They bought a small lot walking distance to one of the nicest beaches there - which says a lot - and then loved it so much they bought an additional 20(?) acres in the woods, on a bluff.

I can’t wait to see it and check out the island. I hope we can make this trip happen.


Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.


beaver island?

we’re gonna need pics dougo.


You are so immature!


Hey guys
I am on a plane to Korea right now using in flight Wi-Fi

Headed to Mongolia with my dad to go fly fish on an 8 day float trip in the Khentii mountains

I’ll be sure to take lots of pics and journal

Reading Jiang Rongs Wolf Totem ….damn it’s wonderful.

Here is the outfitter we are using when we get to mongolia

And this is the River we’ll be on

Hugs from the sky.

See when I get back on 10/18


Sounds like a remarkable trip!


Incredible! What a unique trip.


Sounds amazing!

Catch some lunkers and stay safe!


Went back home to San Diego last weekend for my in-laws 50th anniversary. My husband got us booked at two great clubs so we got to play a lot. Our band mates are retired so they made the trip too. Was amazing. Hit Joshua Tree too.


Sounds like a great trip… and mini tour.


Trip to Kansas City Day 1:
Stopped at the dispensary in Southern Illinois. Yowza!! Like a kid in a candy store.

Stopped in St. Louis for the first time ever. The arch is far more beautiful and impressive than I imagined! I loved it.

Made it into KC before sunset. Place is ok. Up three flights of steps. Cool neighborhood and we walked to eat BBQ for our first meal. We sat around their giant fire pit before we left.


Today we discovered Kansas City has better bagels than Louisville.

We walked and drove around some different neighborhoods and went through like half the art museum. It was really cool.

The weather is sunny and beautiful and perfect.

Drove the ten minutes into Kansas City, Kansas to eat at Slaps BBQ. It was way more what I was looking for.