Weekend Thread


Big Day! Chiefs won but it was close. Fans at Arrowhead are crrrraaazzzzzzzy. But so much fun.

Also ate BBQ again at a real hole in the wall, LC’s.

Saw the fancy side of town and explored Loose Park, including the beautiful rose gardens.


Heading home this morning.

Kansas City was a lot of fun.

We ended up eating BBQ all four nights for dinner, and I liked Joe’s the best of the four. I’m not into Ribs and burnt ends so I’m not the typical BBQ eater.

Goose show last night was incredible and the Midland Theater was so beautiful.


What a great trip.


Really great trip and talked to a lot of nice people everywhere we went.

The weather could not have been better. I never even wore a hoodie, even at the game at night.


that’s a big (shuttle) cock


man oh man. back from Mongolia. i’m jet lagged like a mother fucker and i don’t fuck mothers.

it was an amazing trip. we floated 8 days and fished and our group caught 180 taimen. some real lunkers. had some of my little brother magic and landed a 40 inch taimen. others in the group caught a 45 and a 44"

just the best. here’s some pics.


These pics are so wonderful :heart:


jesus! that’s nuts!


You don’t fuck your wife since the kids? OK, you do you.


Nice pics! And congrats on landing a big Thai man!


Beautiful pic, Balv!


That looks like quite a trip, Balv.

What interesting looking fish too. Did you eat them or was it catch and release?

Great photos, it looks absolutely beautiful.




it really was dougo. we floated and fished our way to a new camp every day. each day was better and better.

amazing guides, scenery, and a great group of guys. i can’t wait to get back!


Were you concerned about having visits from Mongolian wolves when you were there?


not at all. just like i’m not worried about wolves in montana…at least not while i’m camping …if i were out and about on a hike and ran into wolves then yes. we heard wolves 3 straight nights and it was amazing to hear them in the distance…we also heard mongolian elk bugling!!!
we saw herds of antelope, thousands of wild horses, a pack of 30-40 camels, giant golden eagles…i bet you they were 5 feet tall or more! we saw some Roe Deer and a snowy owl and a small yellowish/tan fox


Went to George WA this weekend and stayed at the place right next to the Gorge Amphitheater. I didn’t realize that when I booked it. Definitely where the acts stay when they play there. Huge guests houses on the cliffs. Pretty magical. I imagined Joni strolling the vineyard next year.


that’s Georgeoous