Well, I'm pretty chatty here lately!


So, 2019 has been a super roller coaster so far, huh?! :smiley:
And the stew thickens…

Yesterday during lunch, while out running my errands and doing my routine things, I stopped into a resale store on my way back to work. It’s a place I hit up a couple times a week because I find the most oddball stuff. Anyways, just as I enter the building I spot a metal sculpture and instantly know it’s something significant. I didn’t expect that I would be able to buy it because some items are priced outside of my comfort zone but I walked up to it and it was tagged $16.49. I examined the sculpture for a moment. It’s 40" tall, is bronze and weighs roughly 45 pounds. As I knew that I had come across something I though was special I grabbed it up and immediately took it to check out. I loaded it up and went back to work/home.

The piece is etched/signed by the artist, Joe McDonnell. With that limited information I started a search on the interwebs and tracked the guy down through his website and his Facebook page. We’ve had a back and forth via emails and he’s confirmed it’s his work (email from a credible account is sufficient to provide provenance), giving me the name of the piece, “Soaring Piece”, made in 1982, and given me it’s value, $40,000!

Mr. McDonnell says his doing some commissioned work for a gallery in Dallas soon and wants to meet up with me and visit his sculpture.

From the emails:

“The title was “Soaring Piece”. I gave the sculpture to the Paige Gallery in Dallas in lieu of a commission for a sculpture commission that I received from The Trammell Crow Company. The daughter of Trammell Crow, (Paige?) owned the gallery so it was an in house deal. I believe the value in 1982 would have been about $15,000. If I were to sell a piece like that today, the retail price would be about $40,000.”

Not the best picture but:


what the!!!
that is crazy dude.

and pretty cool

buy low, sell high-ish?


I wouldn’t even know where to begin. :slight_smile:


That is wild!! I was hoping he was going to offer you $40,000 for it, shit even $15,000 would be amazing for something you spent $16 on. Wonder if it was supposed to say $1649.00?


I believe they marked it what they wanted to. It’s just a little resale thrift store. I totally suspect they had no idea what they were in possession of.

If I knew how to sell this thing for 15k I’d be on it. :smiley:


That is fucking amazing and a gorgeous piece! Congrats Monkey! Your year is off to a fine start.


You got a 401K, Monkey?


Put it on loan at a local modern art museum (I assume Dallas must have one) and wait 20 years. Maybe it’ll be worth 100k someday.

Or you could sell it and use some of the money to hire a private investigator to find out if your mom faked her death (again).


I was told by the Sculptor that I should put it on loan to a private museum; that they pay for that. I’m looking into it but I think I will keep it here for a while. :slight_smile:


That’s crazy. My uncle used to work for Trammell Crow. Actually he may still.


I’m only following this thread in the event Monkey is on Antiques Roadshow and he gets his item appraised by an enthusiastic and verbose expert and looks at Monkey as if he’s given him a gift to only hear Monkey reply…

whatever motherf*cker






I like that piece. I’ve never heard of that artist, but I don’t study much sculpture.

I hope you didn’t tell the artist what you paid for it.

Congrats on a great thrift store find!


I did tell him. He asked a lot of questions and I answered him honestly.



A local guy! He shows at galleries I work with. He’s close. Let me know if you need to increase the value of that thing, stat :wink:


? I don’t guess that I follow.

Knowing that it’s got some value I would love to sell it but I know the process can be tedious and I have no guarantee of unloading it.


Really? I thought you’d be diabolical enough to know that art from a dead artist is more valuable than a living artist. Of course I’m not really going to kill him (IN CASE ANYONE IS WATCHING)


You could always tell him you know the guy that bought his 40k$ sculpture for 16$ & change for me though. :slight_smile: