What are Y'all doing for St Patrick's Day?


Does anyone here also have Irish ancestry? I love St Patrick’s Day . It’s my 2nd favorite holiday next to Christmas. I won’t go out to the crowded bars, but I will be having a good 'ol Irish dinner at home. Then I will host my St Patrick’s Day livestream on my vlog channel. Wearing my green of course! I have a lot of Irish ancestry. My namesake of course, is Irish too. Do Y’all have any big plans?


crock corned beef and cabbage w/ a pint of Guinness and watching spring training.

saturday i’ll have two fantasy baseball drafts and that’ll take about 3 hours of my day.


I’m picking up dinner tomorrow from a local chef who does a weekly meal night. This week it’s corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and a salad. Hot ready by 6 pm. Like Meade’s mom.


Probably go to a parade.


Do I look Irish?


You look germanic


Bavarians are Celtic, though, technically. I have a lot of Irish ancestry . Several from County Cork, and some from Northern Ireland.


Please leave. For good.


Humans are from Africa originally anyway, so technically you’re African.


Actually, that is false. All humans come from the Middle East- around the Tigres and Euphrates river.


That seems even worse for you. You’re middle-eastern.




Well technically. But things wash out over time. We are all descendants of the 3 sons of Noah. The European race is descended from Japeth. The Semitic and Asian people are descended from Shem. The Negroes are descended from Ham. That is the true story of the origin of our people.


Not if you read it in the bible. That’s a book of fables for simpletons.


Atheist logic: Anything that is in the Bible is fables and logic. But oh Lord, CLIMATE CHANGE because 97% of fake Scientists tell me so!!!


Honest question: how do you stand going places where no one wants you there? Why do you persist in socializing with people that dislike you?


I don’t understand why people keep de-railing my threads. I made an innocuous thread about St Patrick’s Day and somehow it segwayed into something else. I gave up talking about politics and religion. This is useless and pointless. I am getting nowhere. Forget it!!!


chef. Someone whose job is cooking food and planning menus at a restaurant is a chef. … The chef is generally at the top of the food chain in a restaurant kitchen, the boss of the other workers. Chef is French, short for chef de cuisine, or “head of the kitchen.”


Sounds like a great time for you to leave.


I’m looking forward to the follow-up single to “Sweet Tea” called “Low-T”