What are you cooking with?


I’ve been looking for a new cookware set for a while and haven’t been able to pick one. I’m thinking I want stainless steel and want a large pan that is oven safe to 500°.

What are you all cooking with!

Oh, I don’t want to spend a ton of money; maybe $250 isntyenhigh end of my budget. :slight_smile:


Some years back my mother in law threw out all of my Teflon pans when she was visiting and bought me a great set of stainless steel cookware. I have a cast iron skillet that I only use for the occasional Dutch Baby.
I cannot offer any insight.


My set up is identical to Inky’s. My stainless steel pans are Parini, not sure I like them enough to recommend them. We have a couple old (pre 1890) Griswold cast iron skillets. A 8 and a 4, I think.


I like to have a couple of enameled cast iron. I have a big soup pot and a large skillet (12"). Bought Cuisinart because it is well made but costs waayyy less than Le Creuset. Buy at Xmas time for extra savings.

Making a pan cooked steak in the skillet gets a great crust on the steak, and then you can easily make a pepper cream sauce with the fond in the pan. So good.

Greatly upped the quality of stuff I am able to do on my shit electric stovetop.


We visited friends in New Mexico some years ago and they had a dutch oven that I used to make Spanish rice and it worked perfectly. Now that I’m thinking about it I want one.


I have a Cusinart dutch oven, I suppose, not a soup pot.

If you get one, you can make chicken with 40 cloves of garlic.


Damn, that even more garlic than I typically use.


It calls for a lot of chicken.


I have Stellar 7000 stainless steel pans. 5 piece pan set, 4 pans and stock pot, was £130 amazon uk. No frying pan, but have a stainless prestige optisteel that was £30. Oven safe the lot and they’re all great.



cast iron
enameled iron

it’s the majority of what we use.

and instapot

and stainless steel…we have had the same set since 1999…costco kirland signature 10 piece set…the two pots are wearing out.



gas. have to cook w/ gas top if your kitchen/house allows. i can never go back.


Since everyone is posting about cast iron, we’re doing a cast iron dessert for my husband’s birthday this year. Here’s a list of 40 cast iron skillet desserts! If you feel like it, tell me which one looks the best to you. :slight_smile:


I have always been kind of scared of using cast iron anything. Was never taught anything. Also, if you come to a barbeque at mine then you will notice I’m not managing the grill.

And I’ve misplaced my man card.


I got to the Giant Buckeye and cashed out. Everything on Giant Buckeye.


i believe i posted this here before…but this thread requires me to post again…

DO NOT hesitate to make it…it’s so damn good. it won something like: recipe of the year or some shit.


That looks fit.


Although on reading the recipe that is entirely too much effort for one 10 inch pizza…


it’s actually not. trust me!!!

it was super simple…i was surprised at how easy it was…i thought too, that i could not be bothered…and i was glad i did it.


We invested in a 6 quart cast iron and enamel Dutch oven, do you have any must try recipes to share?