What are you cooking with?


Thirty Nine Cloves of Garlic is as much as I can possibly tolerate.


The recipe is not made for pussies.


I’ve made that before. Even with 40 cloves of garlic, I didn’t find it that garlicky at all.
Did you make it, highlife?


We use ours for soups, stews and sauces mostly.
Here are few recipes, that might be useful. I don’t use these because mine are in my head but they’re basically the same.

Sunday gravy:


Minestrone soup:

My mother likes to make stuffed cabbage:



A smaller version, but not the dutch oven full up with chicken.


Me, too. I used a 12 inch skillet instead of a dutch oven.


I’m considering buying one of these. Does anyone have one?


my wife got me the wood one in 2015 and we used a lot for the first two years. this year they got me the gas one.

i love both. i think they’re a great product.

however, there’s a steep learning curve on getting the temp right, and then make sure you buy long handled peels. i have a 9 inch and a 15 inch
the 15 inch puts the pizza in
the 9 I use to turn it.

i have the wood fired one down. we made about 25 or so pizzas in an hour
you have to watch it and turn. i like to use corn meal on the peel or a light dusting of flour.

definitely spend some time on youtube and watch the reviews and the techniques. I’ll be using mine this Sunday! :slight_smile: