What are you listening to now?


What’s your favorite song?


I’m really digging 1,000 Electric Crickets Won’t Shut The Fuck Up right now. :fu:


the acoustic version??? live and unplugged?


A friend at work had tinnitus really bad. They had to build a soundproof box to put his computer in because the sound it made added to his misery.

What I get - especially when I’m sick - is a thick white noise cloud that won’t go away. Maybe that is a kind of tinnitus too. Tends to drive me a bit nuts.


Dollar Brand-The Children Of Africa .


On repeat… Amy Boone’s voice is something… I can’t put it in words but it makes me feel very calm, relaxed and happy.


I have this album and love it!


J Mascis - Elastic Days


Yeah nice, I just picked it up, I’m always on the lookout for DB records !!


Queen…all day long.


I think African Space Program is the other one I have.


:heart: always yummy


68678696cb40b383adddab72cc5ca7d1 On vinyl. This is the good stuff.




damn good.



Have really liked his stuff. Thanks for the heads up ma’am.


Really getting into the John Craigie stuff, especially the Working On My Farewell album.
Thanks for the tip.


his live album “Capricorn in Retrograde” is fucking fantastic as well.

He’s playing here in missoula on the 28th of feb for a free show at a bar called the top hat.

definitely going! :wink: