What are you listening to now?





Caitlin Canty. I really enjoy her last album, Motel Bouquet.


She’s fu king gold


That album is really great. Worth checking out. Her husband/partner is Noam Pikelny, who plays banjo for the Punch Brothers. My wife and I are seeing him in Evanston this weekend.


One more:


just added a bunch of her stuff to my apple itunes.

thanks mutineer



What in the holy fu k?? Ryan is star seed son???


I got through about 40 seconds.
Wtf is that?


Some crazy lady on facebook




I saw her open for Gregory Alan Isakov some 4–5 years ago, she was amazing!


She is good right???


Ah, Bill Wyman. Also fond of an underage girl. Of course it was OK in those days apparently…


yeah, I was really taken by the vibe set up by her music; she had someone on slide guitar with her that night, don’t remember who it was, but it was just a perfect setup, and the crowd was so quiet when she was on, so that let the music β€œbreathe” so to speak, quite vivid imagery invoked.




I really want to see her, but her schedule shows no concerts in Chicago any time soon.