What are you listening to now?


Taking a listen. Good stuff.


Jamie Lin Wilson. She’s a fantastic songwriter and has a beautiful voice. She used to be in the Trishas (they have a cover of She Ain’t Going Nowhere on the Guy Clark tribute). Her new album, Jumping Over Rocks, just came out a month or so ago. Charlie Sexton on guitar (!) and some nice steel guitar and dobro.



Adam Carroll. A great Texas songwriter, who has mostly flown under the radar, if it weren’t for a tribute album that came out a year or two ago.

Rice Birds:

Girl with the Dirty Hair:

Amanda’s Song:

And a few tracks from the tribute:
Jamie Lin Wilson, Hifi Love:

Hayes Carll, Girl with the Dirty Hair:

Matt Harlan and Jamie Lin Wilson, Rice Birds:


We saw him in the backyard of a record store in Sturgeon Bay last summer. There were maybe 10 people there. He is a bit of an introvert, which probably didn’t help him develop his career, but he is a fantastic songwriter.


Nice stuff. Got some for the box?


I have one of his albums on mp3. Do you want to send me a link/login information?


Debussy - Estampes
Ichiko Aoba - Mahoroboshiya
Haruka Nakamura - Twilight
Beirut - Gallipoli
Jeff Tweedy - Warm
No Vacation - Intermission


This is excellent. Watch when you can. End of a four show run in DC:


Toy Automatic
Demon In Profile
Dear Prudence


whole set is available through podcast or online at etown…


Watching this on dvd. I got it a couple years ago in a secret Santa at my old job. They’re a good band. I don’t listen to them much but I always like seeing them live.






saw this dude last thursday here in missoula. super cool. great set. got to talk w/ him after the show and bought some merch and got an autograph


Adrianne Lenker - Abysskiss
Lomelda - M for Empathy
Hand Habits - Placeholder
Beirut - Gallipoli