What are you listening to now?



all this talk about cougar…


One more. I just got tickets to see her open for Willie Watson!






Just watched this and kind of like it. Seems like he’s pretty heavily influenced by Jim James, but he could certainly pick a worse performer to model himself on… or is it just me?



I really need to see them again. Way too long.


Aren’t they done? Retired from REM?


I have an REM album that was given to me. I like their early work that I have heard, so I was looking forward to giving it a listen.

I put it on and didn’t like it much… must be an outlier in their collection. Dead Letter Office.

I just read that it is a collection of covers and B-sides probably put out to satisfy a contract with their label, or something.


That concert was 2018 so assumed they might still be kicking.

Edit: no dates this year…




I’m a fan of the early mumbling stuff. Chronic Town, Murmur, Reckoning and Fables of the Reconstruction. Diminishing returns for me from there.


Yeah, same here. I had a cassette tape of their first EP (I think it was) With Gardening at Night on it and I liked them a lot at that point. Never bought any of their albums, probably because I heard them so much without any effort.


The new album from The Brian Jonestown Massacre


From my fav album of 2019 so far - Angelo de Augustine


Been enjoying this very much today…


Finn Andrews - One Piece At A Time
Really liking this album.
It’s in the box and well worth a listen.


I’ve been playing the new Jenny Lewis on the way too and from work all week. I am really liking it so far. Any thoughts?