What are you listening to now?




I feel like I saw the Feelies and the Pixies on a double bill in the very late 80s but i may just be conflating two shows. But I feel like it happened.

Great band, great live too.


That would be amazing bill. Indeed their live performances were amazing. Still love their albums as well.


OK, some research shows that was two different shows. First was Feelies/Yo la Tengo and second was Pixies/?


On a Molly Tuttle bender this morning.


Where has this been all my life?


Springsteen’s new song Hello Sunshine is really good:

And the CRB Chauffeur’s Daughter:

Two albums to look forward to this June!


yep :slight_smile:


Thanks to whoever for the drop on Wand - Laughing Matter


Heard it was good. I really like Plum.


I’d only heard Plum before by this band. Interesting in a Radiohead sort of way.


That’s exactly how it was described to me. I love most versions of Radiohead.






Dammit, Red Dead Redemption 2:


This is great, but the top artist picture is a little off…


Lots of Miles and lots of Coltrane plus a little bit of Sly .