What are you listening to now?


Little Feat is coming to the Louisville Palace in October on a 50th Anniversary tour. We’re going to go, why not.

Anyone seen them recently?


I haven’t seen in several years, but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

One of my all time favorite bands to see in concert.



Dancing In The Dragon’s Jaws (1979)

This was the album that I played first many mornings in undergrad. I was in the third floor apartment of a disheveled white wood Victorian. Lots of windows, high ceilings, and drafty. Wake up, stretch, open windows regardless of season, brew coffee, roll smoke, put on Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws, and jump into the shower.

Centered on silence
Counting on nothing
I saw you standing on the sea
And everything was
Dark except for
Sparks the wind struck from your hair
Sparks that turned to
Wings around you
Angel voices mixed with seabird cries
Fields of motion
Surging outward
Questions that contain their own replies…

You were dancing
I saw you dancing
Throwing your arms toward the sky
Fingers opening
Like flares
Stars were shooting everywhere
Lines of power
Bursting outward
Along the channels of your song
Mercury waves flashed
Under your feet
Shots of silver in the shell-pink dawn…


Thanks for this, not someone I was familiar with. Really liking this album.


One of the things I’ve always loved about this and the previous boards.


I used to listen to Stealing Fire quite a bit back then…


Listening to that one made me think of Fascist Architecture. Great song

"“That was when my marriage broke up. And that fact broke a lot of things in me. The image ‘fascist architecture’ came from Italy. It was stuff that was built during Mussolini’s period that was a particular style where the buildings are really larger than life and what is supposed to celebrate the greatness of humanity actually dwarfs humanity. And it makes you feel tiny and helpless next to it. And everybody hates this stuff. It seemed to me a suitable image for the things in ourselves, the structures we build that are built on false expectations or pretenses. The things we pretend to ourselves. And then when some catastrophe comes your way, like a marriage breaking up or some other thing, those things crack and you get glimpses through them, the light comes through them. It’s not a comfortable thing.”

  • from “Closer to the Light with Bruce Cockburn” by Paul Zollo, SongTalk, vol.4, issue 2, 1994.

Fascist architecture of my own design
Too long been keeping my love confined
You tore me out of myself alive

Those fingers drawing out blood like sweat
While the magnificent facades crumble and burn
The billion facets of brilliant love
The billion facets of freedom turning in the light

Bloody nose and burning eyes
Raised in laughter to the skies
I’ve been in trouble but I’m ok
Been through the wringer but I’m ok
Walls are falling and I’m ok
Under the mercy and I’m ok

Gonna tell my old lady
Gonna tell my little girl
There isn’t anything in the world
That can lock up my love again


I coincidentally just bought Paul Zollo’s latest version of the book Songwriters on songwriting at the Green Valley Bookfair.

I’m a big fan of Lovers in a Danngerous Time.


Those words are pretty special.


I feel like I have a decent handle on playing a guitar but I wouldn’t know where to start to play like this and sing. Perfection in my ears.


Agreed. I :heart:️ John Moreland.

Check out the song Gospel if you don’t know it.




I’m gonna go ahead and give John Boy a pass.


Pretty decent cover of a great song.


This is an excellent John Prine live performance.



David Crosby playing Long Time Gone on Jimmy Fallon.