What are you listening to now?


“I would venture to say that loudly denouncing Emmylou Harris will get you killed in any establishment that serves liquor south of Delaware.” Steve Earle


When I was in college back in the 70’s I brought Pieces of the Sky, then Luxury Liner into the fold when it came out. I basically unintentionally turned my roommates into country music fans because I played those two albums over and over.



On the theme of Young covers…








That Ohio!!


I’d love for him to produce a solo album for Crosby.



Wow, that Ohio for sure!!!





Watched him live on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and they did the Grow a Garden song… which I don’t really love, but I thought this one was pretty good from the extras. Kind of spooky how much he sounds like his pappy sometimes.


Here’s a video from that performance that night in Passaic, New Jersey.

I think this video - even though the quality is sketchy - PROVES that Bruce and the E Street band could bring the crowd to a total frenzy… I loved the way they just built up the songs until they completely rocked out over the top. Some of the most unforgettable live performances I’ve ever seen in concert were by him and that band.

They actually played here in Kalamazoo on that tour, but I was away at college (a whole hour away without a car) and missed it.



fucking slaying it right there.

thanks dougo :wink: