What are you listening to now?




New CATS single; really looking forward to the album


Ed O’Brien from Radiohead has an album coming out this year; lead single is good stuff:


Getting into the new John Moreland.
Typically for me, I bought it about an hour before it appeared in the box!!!
I’ve not really listened to him before, so will have to start checking out his other stuff.


I totally forgot about this one, will have to take a listen


He’s great. I love his voice. Go see him live if you get the chance.

Let me know if you want his other albums in the box. I have them.


Teskey Brothers. Really good stuff.


Absolutely, fantastic combination of great voice and lyrics.
Thanks, I would love to check out his other stuff.
It’s saying that the Dropbox is full at the moment though.


High on Tulsa Heat is my favorite by far.


Me too. Also the song “Gospel“ from the album before that.

Will update the box again over the weekend.


Can’t stop listening to this. It’s been making my work days more enjoyable.


I really love her voice. Something came on the radio yesterday and I immediately knew it was her. She’s pretty special.


Bubba Thomas and The Lightmen- Country Fried Chicken.


I saw John Prine and Iris DeMent perform this song and several others at Chastain Park in Buckhead, near Atlanta.

Happy Valentines Day.



Absolutely love this.
Thanks for sharing.
'I wanna dust off the stars and hang them on a wall for you’



Thanks, @LBSUNFLWR. I grabbed those John Moreland discs - other than Big Bad Luv - which I already had and the Nathaniel Rateliff one as well.

I appreciate what you do.


excellent - yum


good stuff