What are you listening to now?


I was a huge Cymbals Eat Guitars fan, but they ceased operating a couple years back. Probably one of the most criminally underrated bands of the past 10 years - LOSE is a classic.

Empty Country is his new project and I highly recommend the album front-to-back. This track has big Let It Ride vibes, while doing it’s own thing:

Rest of the album has a big mix of sounds - Springsteen, Wilco, Elliott Smith cauldron.




These days, whenever I need a soul-soothing, I turn to Lomelda. Her albums 4E (acoustic) and Thx (more of a band situation, but still acoustic vibes) are excellence through-and-through. Genuine poetry from a real southern gem of a voice.


I’ve been playing my albums at random for weeks. Really enjoying listening to all the music I loved all those years ago.

…and another hundred masks go out the door. Our total is over 550 so far.


Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien has an album coming out in a few weeks; this is the third song, Olympik:



those are sweet.

good work dougo


some covers by Beck. Here’s a nice Bowie cover.

and The Korgis



I love the hell out of his latest album.



EOB – Cloak of the Night


Me too!


Really looking forward to this album.
I’ve already pre-ordered it.


Yes, same here! I’ve been getting emails quite frequently with additional songs to download. I’ve been good about not playing it out yet.

Side note: Of course we have our own autonomy over how much we listen to singles, but I feel like when bands drop 4 or 5 singles months before an album comes out, it totally kills the album for me. I’ve gotten a lot better about listening a few times, then putting it away – or even ignoring the songs entirely beyond 1 or 2 singles. I would be really curious to see the data on the effectiveness of dropping so many singles, or at least so many months in advance if it actually boosts their sales and grows the fanbase.


I have the Our Lips Are Sealed EP by Fun Boy Three. Great stuff!


I totally agree. I’ve played each of the four tracks once each (although Shangri-La has been played on Radio 6 Music pretty constantly!). I still look forward to album release day and the anticipation of losing myself in new music from a favourite artist.


I agree – I think I had Western Stars playing for pretty much week(s) on end when it came out, and still do from time to time now.

I also like that albums come out on Fridays now, so you can really get into it, instead of sparingly because they used to come out on Tuesdays – though was a nice early-week pick-me-up.


Watkins Family Hour - Brother Sister


Yes, Western Stars was probably the last album that I totally lost myself in and played nothing else for a couple of weeks. You’ve just made me realise that I haven’t played it in a while, so guess what’s going on later! Thanks.