What are you listening to now?


Just watched Craig Finn on CBS Saturday morning. His two songs were great. I have to admit that I’ve never connected with his music before, and I saw him in concert.


Watched this with my morning coffee.
Confederate flag aside, it was good.





Holy shit it’s fantastic!

The Pitchfork review. Their first 10 since 2010


It’s out?


Just came out today


It’s great. Keeps getting better each listen.
I’m liking the new Laura Marling too.


Wow. I had no idea. I :heart:️ Fiona’s first album. 2nd too.


This one is something else. It’s been on most of the day and it keeps getting better.

Until this one, her last album was my favorite.


I’m going to listen in the morning with my coffee. Thanks for letting me know.

I’ll add to Dropbox in the morning too.


morning/noon… same thing…


So what was the last 10 pitchfork gave ten years ago?

I am listening to Fiona’s first album first, Tidal. I put it in the dropbox in case there is someone in there who never heard it. I was in college when it came out and it was in my car on constant rotation all through the next few years.


Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.


gotcha. Never listened to that.

To call an album the best album of the last 10 years is pretty strong.


Speaking of Fiona Apple, she is great with the Watkins Family Hour:


Any band that has Greg Leisz on steel, Benmont Tench on piano, and Sara Watkins on fiddle blows most of the rest out of the water.


Put the TV up high like a sports bar and spent the morning watching this. So so good all the way through but the 38 minute mark might be my favorite. All those effects on acoustic with finesse. Dang.


He’s pretty exceptional!