What are you listening to now?


Not a porker. Just has a Germanic build.


I love it when you call me big porker.






this is for all you Daddies out there…this made me fucking cry this morning…thanks Jason.


That one is an instant classic.

There are so many good songs on that album. I think it is as good or better than anything he’s released so far, and that is saying a lot.


yep. i agree :slight_smile:


I’m not even a dad and it made me cry!

I think it’s a pretty good album; I still like Southeastern more, but overall quite solid. I always find there’s about 2–4 songs on any one of his albums that I just don’t really like.


I’ve never really understood the lovefest for Jason Isbell. I’ve tried to get into his stuff but it just never did anything for me. I mean I REALLY TRIED. I’ve listened to all of his albums at least a few times. Even the stuff with DBT. He’s got a handful of really good songs but overall I find him to be a snoozefest. His albums are kind of like a throwback to the old school country albums in that there’s one or two really good songs on each & the rest is mostly filler. But, music is subjective & people connect with it on different levels & at their own pace. I could give Jason Isbell another try in a year or so & fall completely in love with his stuff. But, for now I have to pass.


:roll_eyes: :thinking:

On that note “cover me up” and “elephant” are some amazing songs


Decoration Day and God Damn Lonely Love are pretty alright too.



Yeah, I could see that. I never really cared for DBT in any case; the Southeastern album grabbed me, but even that there’s a number of songs on there I don’t care for. That said, Cover Me Up is probably my favorite song of his out of everything. Traveling Alone is a close second:


As much as I truly love Jason and listen to him a lot and see him live a lot, I will forever not like Super 8 and Codeine. At the shows, since one of the two inevitably will be played, I use those times to go to the bathroom, get a drink, etc.

Agreed that each album has a couple of songs I would eliminate. But even an 80% great album by Isbell is still better than most out there in terms of songwriting with truth and heart. :heart:


I love traveling alone and speed trap town

My two personal faves…


Those are the exact songs I am thinking of!

Today’s vibe:


He has some songs I really like but just not enough of them. And I wasn’t joking when I said I could turn to his albums again & be blown away. I have a pattern of doing about faces like that where music is concerned.
I adored Wilco from the beginning. But, I could not get into A Ghost Is Born , Sky Blue Sky or Wilco (The Album) until several years later.
I could not get into Elvis Costello for the longest time. Now he’s a go to for me & I think he should at least get mentioned in greatest all time songwriter conversations.
As a teenager I detested Bob Dylan. I was a college radio/indie rock guy. But, now I’ll say there will never be a better songwriter in my lifetime or even long after I’m gone.
Just because Jason Isbell puts me to sleep now doesn’t mean he will in eight months. I might listen to him tonight. I go through long bouts of insomnia & when I listened to his new album while sitting in my recliner I went out like a light for at least 30 minutes.


I bounce around a bit as well and definitely get on and off of kicks on songwriters I love.

Speaking of Elvis Costello, did you see this new release of his?


No, I didn’t know about the new EC song!! Thanks!! I need to frequent artist’s websites more or do the one thing I’ve vowed never to do & start doing the social media thing so I get alerts about stuff like this.